No regrets

No regrets

Can I introduce you to a new friend of mine? (Though perhaps “friend” is too strong a term…) His name is William Borden.

A few days ago, the name didn’t mean anything to me. But now, it is one I take note of. And with curiosity and respect, I pursue an understanding of his unequivocal life.

He isn’t exactly the prototype for a personal hero–he didn’t do anything great or lasting, nothing to be known by or remembered for. It’s a fact that I find fascinating.

And during the midst of a season of loss, the story of William Borden gives me hope that young lives are meaningful, even when they are lost too soon. Because William Borden was only 25 years old when he lost his life. Such a promising life–one that had just barely begun. And as soon as it was lit, it vanished.

It makes me feel as though Michael is in good company (and Josiah and Bryce and Matthew and Joey and all the other young people that have been lost so recently). Young lives full to the brim with promise–bright futures all of them, yet snuffed out.

I want to ask “why?”. Why would God allow this to happen? Why wouldn’t He protect the life of a servant such as William Borden? Why wouldn’t He prevent the snuffing of SUCH a life? Isn’t it a waste of life?

Why wouldn’t He protect Michael’s life?

I came across a photo of Michael in my study over the weekend. And I knew it needed to be displayed, not tucked away amid books and papers and other things to be set aside and lost. So I hunted through our collection of photo frames that are as yet still unhung and found the perfect one, we had purchased it on clearance at TJ Maxx with no real purpose, but now it has a purpose.

Framing a photo of Michael

It felt good to honor Husband’s brother in this small way. To know we will never forget his deep voice, hearty laugh or heartfelt hugs. Michael was always so present. In the moment. Focused on relationships and never in a hurry. And having this photo framed and displayed is one reminder of those things he taught us.

Desk photo

William Borden had no regrets in spite of the early death he knew was coming. He had no regrets in spite of the fact that so many of his dreams never came true. He had no regrets. I want to live a life of no regrets.