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Good Days | Bad Days

Coffee Dates with God - Good Days | Bad Days

Do you ever have bad days? Just plain bad days? I don’t even know what it was that caused my bad day.

Maybe the dank, dreary weather. Maybe the extra-early rising from bed. Maybe the taxing wiring “issue” we had (think frayed wires and disintegrating insulation…AKA “could have ignited at any moment”). Maybe the fact that my best friend moved this weekend. Maybe the fact that I seem to mess up one endeavor after another these days. Maybe something else. I don’t know.

But yesterday was a bad day.

I was exhausted enough that I didn’t have the energy to really do anything. But too stressed out to actually rest.

And I began thinking about my word. Slowing.

And that brought an onslaught of guilt. I just about had a mental breakdown exactly because I am utterly failing at living my word for the year.

When he asked what was wrong, I told Husband I was juggling more than I could handle. I can’t seem to do it all well. And I am Ms. Perfectionist–must do all things with effortless ease and perfect results.

He suggested I get rid of something–anything–to slow my juggling act.

But what? I wanted to know.

Husband says that even blessings become burdens when we can’t handle them…and I think he’s right.

But what blessing would I choose to give up?

My horse? She is as much as a part of me as, well, anything. I’ve had her since she was a baby, and I sincerely can’t bear the thought of letting her go.

The opportunity to go to England? I’ve never ever been to Europe, and it’s the one thing really exciting and motivating in my life right now. I just need to find a few ways to make a little extra money to get me there…

Small group Bible study? Not a chance.

Church involvement? Nope.

Work? Not really an option…

So how do I go about slowing this year if I can’t seem to pare down my schedule?

My urge to purge and organize are a great place to start (a simplified home will definitely foster slowing), but it has to go beyond that. I need daily time to spend in Scripture. I need regular exercise. I need time for bubble baths and hot tea. But where can I find the time?

Perhaps scheduling my day would help…as in, official, written down, time allotted for various activities. Considering the fact that I am a known “rule follower” setting some rules could be a good step.

Here’s to hoping for a few new ideas to produce a few better days!

Don’t miss the beautiful

Don’t miss the beautiful

Don’t miss the beautiful!

That was the admonition of my devotional this morning. And boy does it ring true. How often do I spend my days staring at the road in front of me, the keyboard, or whatever my next task is? And how often do I miss the beautiful of life?

I soooo didn’t want to get out of bed this morning. It was warm under the covers, all cuddled up with my pillow ignoring the blaring of the alarm. I can’t tell you the number of times I hit snooze today, suffice to say too many. When I finally dragged myself out of bed, eyes bleary and lips parched, I had to hurry to make it to work on time.

So hurry I did–all the way through my morning routine, through making the bed, through drinking my tea, even through breakfast with Husband. I hate to hurry through breakfast with Husband. In fact, I hate to hurry in the mornings period.

I quickly threw a load of laundry in the washer and headed out the door (late) only to discover that my car had a thick layer of frost all over it. So back into the house I went in search of my snow scraper (when I lived in the North, I never even took this handy little tool out of my car). I scraped the frost away, jumped in and started off to work.

Of course, I got stuck behind every truck and school bus possible, and I was stopped at every traffic light…

It almost made me miss the beautiful. The warm hug from Husband before I left. The puppy kisses from Ginger when she wanted me to get out of bed. The way the heavy frost looked almost like snow.The beautiful way the sun was shining through the trees making shadows dance. The crispness of the December air…

So no matter how heavy your eyes are in the morning or how much you want to grumble about getting out of bed (or whatever YOUR bane in life happens to be), remember not to miss the beautiful!

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