TC 5: Bike Rides

TC 5: Bike Rides

Today I am thankful for evening bike rides with Husband on the rare warm days of November. It was nearly 70*, so as the sun fell gently behind the harvested farm fields, we took our beach cruisers out of the garage for one last ride. We didn’t go far, there were things to do, but for a few moments of bliss, we pedaled down the street and took in the falling leaves, the muted pink of twilight. We laughed and chased each other down the street, reveling in the freedom of a Sunday afternoon.

I love fall and winter, I truly love Christmas. But today, I am grateful for the last vestiges of summer.

TC 12: Home

TC 12: Home

I love my home. Can I just throw that out there? I unequivocally love the home Husband and I are slowly building.

Of course, it’s not really MY house–it’s a rental. But I love it. I love the house itself, a 1949 Cape Cod style built by a master craftsman (our landlady’s father). But mostly I love the inside. I love that we have made it cozy and comfortable, a place where friends and family can gather. A place where Husband can cook to his heart’s content. A place with almost enough room for all my books and plenty of reading chairs.

Having been married for just a year, we are still building our collection of furniture, slowly trading out hand-me-down pieces for slightly nicer hand-me-downs, and every once in a while finding an affordable piece that’s brand new.

Today we happened by a furniture store that was being liquidated, so we decided to go inside. We are planning to save money for a full size couch (we want a nice leather one), but our home isn’t terribly conducive to that right now. So when we saw this lovely leather love seat and matching ottoman for an unbeatable price we were snagged.

It took a while to make the decision (I think we sat on every brown leather chair/loveseat/sofa in the store), but this was by far the most comfortable and the most affordable. We had funds available from some house-sitting that we had undertaken in the fall (most of the $$ went to repairs on my car), but we had a little tucked away waiting for a rainy day. Today wasn’t rainy, it was a beautiful sunny 68*, but we liked the idea of switching out our worn (17 years old) green leather loveseat and chair for something a little more our style. And the floor manager was willing to cut us a deal…

A view of our living room with the new loveseat.

So we went ahead and purchased the piece and brought it home. We did a bit of rearranging and it fits beautifully into our living room. Sure, we still have a whole list of furniture purchases we want to make: end table, two bedside tables, end table lamp, two bedside table lamps, a bench, a trunk, an entire dining room set, etc. But this is one piece for our home and we are patient enough about collecting the rest.

So we settled down with some yummy Chinese takeout and a Redbox movie to enjoy our loveseat. Sunday evenings are the best…

We had Chinese takeout for Sunday dinner.

Here’s another view of the living room…

A view of our living room.

And a sneak peek at our bedroom (still in progress, but you can see how the walls turned out)…

Our bedroom is in progress.

TC 18: Sleepy Mornings

It is Monday and I am always loath to rise on Monday mornings. I would rather every morning be like Sunday… So today I will say that I am thankful for lazy Sunday mornings when we get to sleep in and have a leisurely breakfast before heading off to church.

I think Ginger likes our lazy Sundays too, it takes her even longer to get out of bed.

Making memories of fall

I think what I like most about fall are the traditions that go along with it. Fall is a beautiful time of year–time to slow down, enjoy the season, and spend time with family.

I went pumpkin picking with Husband on a crisp, beautiful Sunday afternoon. I got to wear a jacket, gloves and a scarf, which made me happy. And we brought hot apple cider, which made Husband happy.

We visited a pumpkin patch right around the corner from our house and we actually picked our own pumpkins right off the vine. Sure, the pumpkins were a little muddy, and kind of flat on one side, but we got to weed through the loopy vines and find little (and big) orange treasures.

I liked that we were having an experience, a better experience than going to the local grocery store or Walmart for pumpkins shipped in from other places. I also liked that we were supporting a small farm venture in our neighborhood. In fact, the ladies behind the counter actually knew the family that had built the house we rent (circa 1949).

Husband and I laughed and had fun, snapped pictures and sipped cider, and altogether thoroughly enjoyed making a memory. Even better, we are starting traditions in our marriage that will last for many years to come.

Soon, we’ll carve our pumpkins, drink more cider, and make homemade donuts…