Winter walk…

Winter walk…

This week, Husband and I went back to our beloved Smithfield. This time it wasn’t for a lovely anniversary getaway, or to show friends our find. It was just to be.

We didn’t do any shopping, or eating, or anything really. We just brought the puppy and took a walk because we could. Because it’s beautiful…

Smithfield, Va.

Old tree stump amid farmland

Husband and puppy walking in Smithfield.

Smithfield waterways.

Puppy on a dock in Smithfield.

Walking in Smithfield.

Old barns lit by evening light.

Sun begins to set behind the trees.


Delicious weekend

Delicious weekend

Delicious weekend

Can a weekend be delicious? If it can, I’d say this one was.

A few weeks ago I told you I needed more rain in my life. This weekend delivered.

It poured on Friday evening, cancelling my plans (bummed about that). My friend R. and I quickly rehashed a new plan and met up for dinner out. I never go out for dinner, at least not with friends. We stayed a good half hour past the restaurant’s closing time because we had no idea how much time had passed as we talked and laughed and ate.

Then we headed back to my place for hot tea and more conversation–real, soul-searching conversation–and, of course, more laughter. Oh, I miss R. when I don’t get to see her! The evening ended with an impromptu sleep-over because it was well past midnight by the time we were ready to turn in.

Saturday filled itself with a long to-do list and a series of errands. But it feels good to tick things off that to-do list–really, really good. It feels good to know that I am able to steward our blessings–our house and all the things that make it home. And in the midst of errands I was able to do a bit of feel-good shopping.

Thrift stores and sales are good for the soul.

It had been threatening to rain all day, and I could tell that there was little time before it began to downpour, so I headed for the barn for a quick ride.


I honestly believe that the calm before the storm is the best time to ride. The wind had died down to a breeze, the air cooled off and the smell of a storm was in the air. I put Chappy through her paces as the clouds gathered and the sky darkened, enjoying being out-of-doors during such a beautiful time. We headed back to the barn just as the sky started spitting.

That evening Ginger and I watched Anne of Green Gables as I took the first steps in teaching myself how to knit. So, so much fun. And so, so relaxing.

Sunday morning dawned hazy and slow. We had the windows open overnight, which hasn’t happened since May. It felt good to snuggle deeper under the covers and smell the fresh air as morning woke me. Soon enough we were attending church on the beach, which is always a pleasure. Husband and I spent the afternoon doing a bit of shopping (check back later this week to hear about our favorite find!) and trading at the used bookstore.

We spent time at home, just being together–sitting on the couch with a few blankets, a movie and some snacks. And we even headed back to the beach for an evening walk with the puppy. We held hands and laughed and amused onlookers as we tried to get Ginger to play in the surf (she’s terrified of water).

At the beach with the puppy.

We got ice cream twice in the same day. That right there should tell you how delicious the weekend was.

But today is Monday, and it’s time to get back to work. Five more days until the next weekend, and I wonder, what will it bring?

At the beach.

What weekends are for…

What weekends are for…

I was reminded over the past few days what weekends are really for. And a part of me was surprised to discover, yet again, that they’re not for running errands or catching up on life or knocking out that to-do list.

They’re for being. Living. Thriving.

They’re for relationship. Conversation. Laughter.

First thing Saturday morning I headed out to the local blueberry farm where Husband works on weekends. When I arrived it was overcast and in the mid-70s–perfect berry picking weather (did you know there was such a thing?). When my bucket was about half full the sun burned through the clouds and blazed down on me as I worked. Another 20 minutes and my bucket was full of delicious, fresh blueberries.

Fresh picked blueberries.

I’d forgotten to sample some as I picked, so I popped a few in my mouth as I headed back to the front of the farm–perfection, seriously. Fresh blueberries are sweet and tasty, just the way summer should be.

The afternoon consisted of a mix–cleaning the house, folding clean fresh laundry, attending a bridal shower for my soon-to-be-sister-in-law, and running to the mall to use a coupon to get some free goodies for myself (and a new pair of jeans for $10–seriously, I love new jeans…a lot.).

The best part of the day came after the thunder and soaking rain had waned and just before the sun went down. My dear friend R. and I had our monthly “date”…we packed a bag with fresh fruit, cheese, crackers and water bottles along with a picnic blanket and headed for the beach. We walked along the mostly deserted coastline as we talked about the deepest part of ourselves–the pruning, the changing, the evolving.

Beaching it with a friend.

We settled in just before the sun went down for a little picnic dinner and the conversation continued. As dusk began to settle we packed up our things and trekked back up the beach, never a moment of silence as we entered each others’ lives for the briefest of moments on our monthly date. At times, it feels that once a month isn’t nearly often enough, but distance and busyness make getting together difficult.

The beach is lovely and deserted in the evening.

By bedtime, I was thoroughly exhausted, but wonderfully satisfied and content.

Sunday afternoon we invited friends over to make grilled pizza and do nothing more than talk. We enjoyed ice cream with blueberries as their little one played in the grass under the shade trees in the front yard. There’s just something about fellowship and community and makes a Sunday afternoon so sweet.

Homemade grilled pizza.

Husband and I got our hands on a canoe this weekend and took it out in the bay for a paddle just before dusk Sunday evening. The heat had subsided and even the humidity seemed a little less intense as we journeyed out among the old dilapidated docks in Back Bay.

Canoeing with Husband.

Dilapidated docks in Back Bay.

Someday we hope to own one of these lovely little boats…maybe even this one. And someday we dream of living near the bay so we can take in an evening paddle whenever the fancy strikes us.


Sunset from the canoe.

Slowing. Being. Loving. Living. I think that’s what weekends are for.

Dear Monday…

Dear Monday…

Dear Monday,
Why do you come so soon? I try not to dislike you, but you are making it hard.

Dear Weekend,
I loved you, I will miss you. You gave me memories, and I do love memories. Friday started off a little rocky (somehow disasters always happen on weekends, or just before holidays…so a good chunk of my holiday was spent working from home to help victims of last week’s tornadoes in Texas. Of course, I really can’t complain, hundreds of families lost their homes, my sacrifice is so small in comparison.).

But the weekend included so much productivity too (and I do love productive weekends), like vaccinations and dental work for Chappy, cleaning the house, FINALLY figuring out the trick to making our washing machine run (all I have to do is slam the lid as hard as possible, and voila, it works!), cleaning the suggie cage, hanging art/posters/photos in the upstairs guest rooms and hallway (we live on the first floor, so we’ve kind of ignored the second floor since we moved in last year…).

The weekend was also enjoyable: a Saturday morning stroll through antique and thrift stores in Norfolk with a good friend I rarely see; making it to church on time (Husband ushering has a lot to do with our new-found punctuality); an Easter picnic and walk through Norfolk Botanical Garden (thanks to my MIL for a season pass!); a long walk around Oak Grove Lake with the puppy; sipping hot tea on the porch swing while the breeze fluttered through our new wind chimes; lots of conversations, dreams, and plans with Husband; and snuggling up to watch Winnie-the-Pooh Sunday night.

Tulips at Norfolk Botanical Gardens.

Oak Grove Lake Park

Dear Life,
Sometimes I complain, I grumble, I get stressed out, but in the end, I love you. I really do.

Puppy exploring the lake.


Flowers at the botanical garden.

Linking up with Happy Day.