They’ve been calling it “Snowmageddon” around here…nearly a foot of snow fell on Virginia Beach this week. It absolutely paralyzed everything. For two days, barely anyone has left home.

Husband and I spent some rare time together, drinking hot tea, playing with the pup, watching a zillion episodes of Psych, knitting, sledding, making mozzarella cheese and more. It was, in a word, lovely.

Ginger loving winter


Husband in winter


Snowy winter


Making cheese

Playing with the pup

Snow Day (or lack thereof)

Snow Day (or lack thereof)

Snow Day!

It appears that nearly all of Virginia Beach had a snow day yesterday, and another today. Two inches of snow fell on top of a coat of ice and schools are closed for two days. As a Buffalonian, it’s humorous. But when all my friends are able to stay home and enjoy the surprise vacation, as Amy said in Little Women: “I wish I was Beth so I could stay at home and do pleasant things.” Alas, I trudged through the snow into work.

The last two evenings, however, as the world around us hunkered down to endure the weather, were entirely pleasant. With businesses closed and roads a mess, there was no urgency, no need, and no desire to go anywhere or get anything done. Our time was entirely our own — a rare and wonderful place to be.

We had a mini James Bond marathon (to make up for not watching 007 on Christmas) sitting on the couch under warm blankets, drank hot tea and chai lattes, made tasty food like chicken curry, and I even got quite a bit of knitting done. Our propane gas heat is out, but we’re making do with a few space heaters, rotating when and where we heat the house to keep the 7* air at bay.


And we even got in a little outdoor play with the pup — a moment to cherish because this Northerner absolutely loves snow.

Playing with the pup in the snow