Yarn Along – Seed Stitch Cowl

Yarn Along – Seed Stitch Cowl

What I’m knitting, and what I’m reading

Seed stitch cowl

I really enjoyed this easy pattern as I joined my family in a backwoods Kentucky cabin for a weekend. Easy to knit and chat, set down and pick up amid other goings-on. And I do love the look of the seed stitch, as easy as it is to create. I find that it makes to a tightly woven cowl, especially compared to some of the drop-stitch cowls that I’m used to wearing. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. And, more than anything, I now have a lovely cowl to wear with so many of my black work clothes to keep me warm in my frigid office.

Seed stitch

And I’m still reading Persuasion, because I like to savor the reading of any Jane Austen and because I can hardly keep my eyes open to read at night these days.

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