More thoughts on curating

More thoughts on curating

A few days ago, I mentioned my new desire not just to organize or clean or DIY or decorate, but to truly curate my home, my life, my heart.

And I’ve been thinking…what does this desire extend toward? What areas of my life could be influenced by my plan to curate instead of consume? I mentioned my books and DVDs already, those are probably the most obvious. Then, of course there’s other clutter…clothes, shoes, jewelry, blankets, linens, dishes, knickknacks. It might even include personal care items, cleaning supplies and other things tucked away in closets. What about my pantry? The food I eat?

And what about my thousands of digital photographs? Music files? Files in general?

And, um, does it include less concrete items, like my education, experiences, travels, relationships? The way I spend a Saturday morning or a Monday evening?

What about my faith? Grace? Growth?

And what, exactly, should be my standard for curating? Enjoyment? Peace? Excellence? Beauty? Truth?

What about my new word for the year: “Singleness of Heart”? Is that my standard for curating?

Sunrise at the oceanfront.

It brings to mind a verse I have hanging over my desk… “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy–think about such things.” – Phil. 4:8

Is there any part of my life that this idea would not utterly transform?

Carpe Diem: My summer mantra

Carpe Diem: My summer mantra

It’s decided. My summer mantra will be simply “Carpe Diem.”

Cliche, perhaps. But very, very necessary right now.

It’s amazing how we go in and out of seasons. We change, evolve, grow. As our environment changes, we change to fit it. And sometimes amid that change, we lose things.

Things like carpe diem. Things like last minute adventures.

It probably has a myriad of causes–a new marriage, a new city without established relationships, a new house far out in the country, growing responsibilities… The list could go on and on. But I’m less concerned with the causes and more concerned with the outcome.

I’m becoming a little too secluded. A little too set in my plans. A little too, well, boring.

Sure, I have responsibilities many of which are completely inflexible (note: horses must be cared for at 6:00pm T-TH; puppy must be fed at or near 5:30pm or she will starve to death…or so she claims). But the rest of the time? I think I’ve just gotten lazy.

Carpe diemI don’t always WANT to leave my cozy home, or drive 45 minutes to meet up with friends, or spend money when we don’t have much to begin with. But sometimes, that’s just what I need.

I need an evening eating appetizers on a boat with amazing friends to make me come alive. I need a relaxing evening spent in a friend’s home theater. I need a bite to eat after church with a mentor. I need a jaunt down to the oceanfront to watch an air show. I need to do and be and relate to truly live.

So this summer, I am dedicated to seizing the moment, going with the flow, being flexible, and putting forth the extra effort. I want to truly do and be–experience all the adventure I possibly can this summer.

It might mean a quick ride on Chappy just before dark. Or catching lightning bugs in the backyard. Or braving the tourists for a morning walk on the beach. Or a last-minute weekend camping trip…

It might mean dropping plans for the evening and heading out to meet friends. It might mean hosting friends and overnight guests and doing hospitality right. It might mean sand and sun kissed cheeks. Or flip-flops and picnic lunches. It might be rounds of laughter with friends or a quiet moment with Husband. But whatever it looks like, I want to claim it, own it, live it.

Carpe diem!