Beautiful weekending

Beautiful weekending

Husband and I needed to get away this past weekend. Just get out. Away. To something new. To lose ourselves if just for the briefest moment.

But we had obligations here at home.

So we compromised. And on Saturday afternoon we took off for a little adventure–driving up the Eastern Shore.

The day was as wet and dreary as our lives have felt of late. But in it’s own way, it was perfect, beautiful.

The beach at Cape Charles

Sea shell

The pier at Cape Charles

Oyster shells

The beach at Cape Charles

Beach fence

Eastern shore shipwreck

Eastern Shore waterway

And Sunday continued the lovely as we attended the poignant dedication of the baby of a dear friend. We love being a part of true community with our friends here.

Baby dedication invitation

Fall has arrived

Fall has arrived

I have been dreaming about it for weeks, months even. I have indulged, bemoaned and anticipated it here, here, and here.

Hot tea on a chilly fall day.

But this weekend, it arrived.

I mean really arrived.

And I am so amazingly excited.

What am I talking about? Fall, of course.

Saturday was a beauty, I have to admit–86* and super sunny. Husband and I set to work preparing the porch for fall, and it was nice to be outside in the warm sunshine in tank-top and flip-flops.

Preparing the porch for fall.

And Ginger spent her day lazing out there.

Ginger sleeping on the porch.

We even harvested a bit of our fall garden to eat with lunch…

Fresh Swiss chard

But Sunday dawned dark and wet, a mere 62* and that would be the high for the day. I even wore a coat to church.

As always, rainy days help me slow down. So while Husband worked, the puppy and I cuddled up in the living room with hot tea and a warm blanket. As the rain pattered on the roof and lovingly soaked the garden, we watched Little Women and worked on some knitting…

Yellow yarn
I know a special little girl who loves yellow…

This morning I rose with a shiver in the darkness. Yes, it’s dark when I wake now. Which means my battle with mornings returns.

But for now, I am choosing to embrace the chill in the air and the icy breeze wafting in the open windows as I search for the socks and slippers Puppy re-located during the night. I put the tea kettle on not out of habit (although it is that), but because I crave the steamy mug that will warm my hands and heart.

Husband and I may have to search our upstairs storage for the mini-heater that takes the chill off the bathroom in the mornings, but for now, I’ll just warm my fingers under the faucet.

I donned a favorite sweater and even pulled on my trusty trench coat before I walked out the door to head into work.

Welcome, dear fall. Please, take off your hat and coat and sit a while–join me for a cup of tea, won’t you?

Dear Monday…

Dear Monday…

Dear Monday,
Please be a calm, quiet day. I think I need to ease back into the workweek…

The puppy Ginger.

Dear Power Company,
Will you please get my electricity back on? Putting on mascara in the dark was an experience I would rather not go through again tomorrow.

Rainy Sunday

Dear Rainy Sunday,
Can I just say thank you? You were exactly what Husband and I needed. A day of church, browsing through Trader Joe’s, picking movies, resting, snuggling on the couch and eating homemade sticky buns… Basically, we just didn’t do anything at all. And it was great.

Homemade sticky buns with tea


Dear Chappy,
We had the best first ride of the season yet! I’m so proud of you for remembering all those long hours of training that we’ve had together. I’m delighted that you even remember the more advanced maneuvers that we just started learning last summer. Let’s keep up the good work and make some real progress on your training this summer, shall we? Maybe by the end of the season we’ll be trail riding at Northwest River Park!

Dear Graduation,
You’re only two weeks away…

Dear Friday,
Please come as quickly as you can. I cannot wait for our little road trip up the Eastern Shore in celebration of Husband’s birthday. And if you don’t mind, bring some sunny weather with you =).


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The perfect rainy day

Saturday started out hectic and kept charging forward like an express train… To say the least, my goal to slow down was an utter failure. The bright spot was an hour of yoga and a cup of soup at Panera with a good friend somewhere in the middle of the craziness.

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