For the love of pumpkins

For the love of pumpkins

I love pumpkins. I truly do. Is there anything more indicative that fall is in full swing than a trip to the pumpkin patch?


Last year, the cold wind was whipping around and I suited up in jacket, gloves and toted hot cider with me. The pumpkin patch, which is within walking distance of our house (but no, we didn’t walk–pumpkins are heavy), was nearly empty.

This year, not so much.

It was a beautiful 78* and sunny–an altogether gorgeous day to be outside, one of those vestiges of summer that pops up before the real chill and rain set in here in Virginia. So families were out at the pumpkin patch in droves.

Thankfully, there were still nice pumpkins left and Husband and I managed to find three pretty ones to take home.

Picking pumpkins

Picking pumpkins with Husband.

We set the pumpkins out for decoration, a few under the bird feeder that can be seen from the road–giving everyone who drives by a little bit of fall. The others went with the white and beige pumpkins we’d gotten last week, they sit on a bale of straw along the walkway to our door. A great big welcome to guests (and to ourselves as we return home every day).

My decor this season is hardly worthy of photos, but in the end happy pumpkins make for happy people, I’m convinced.

Have I mentioned how much I love fall?

Making memories of fall

I think what I like most about fall are the traditions that go along with it. Fall is a beautiful time of year–time to slow down, enjoy the season, and spend time with family.

I went pumpkin picking with Husband on a crisp, beautiful Sunday afternoon. I got to wear a jacket, gloves and a scarf, which made me happy. And we brought hot apple cider, which made Husband happy.

We visited a pumpkin patch right around the corner from our house and we actually picked our own pumpkins right off the vine. Sure, the pumpkins were a little muddy, and kind of flat on one side, but we got to weed through the loopy vines and find little (and big) orange treasures.

I liked that we were having an experience, a better experience than going to the local grocery store or Walmart for pumpkins shipped in from other places. I also liked that we were supporting a small farm venture in our neighborhood. In fact, the ladies behind the counter actually knew the family that had built the house we rent (circa 1949).

Husband and I laughed and had fun, snapped pictures and sipped cider, and altogether thoroughly enjoyed making a memory. Even better, we are starting traditions in our marriage that will last for many years to come.

Soon, we’ll carve our pumpkins, drink more cider, and make homemade donuts…