Nine Months

Nine Months

Nine months old and loving life! Fiona is developing her own opinions about things, continues to eat anything placed before her, and is clearly starting to form words, most notably Dada. She is starting to take regular naps for the first time in her life! Still army crawling, she goes anywhere, gets into anything, and pulls herself up to standing now. She is curious and in any new situation studiously observes everything in fascination. She blows raspberries with Daddy and clicks her tongue at Mama =). Her laugh lights up our life.

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Nine Months

Nine Months

Has it really been nine months already?

Your first pregnancy only happens once, and mine has truly flown by (at least since the 24/7 nausea finally subsided at 22 weeks).

I haven’t had much time to savor it, but I am trying to make the most of my last few weeks with this little one on the inside while I look forward to holding him or her in my arms soon. And so I can savor this pregnancy for the rest of my life, a few photos to remember it by: