Book Review: Owls

Book Review: Owls

Owls: Our Most Charming BirdI was so excited to receive Owls: Our Most Charming Bird by Matt Sewell at this moment in my life because I am in the process of decorating the nursery for our little one in a woodland animal theme with owls and foxes. I thought this book would be a perfect addition — beautiful hand painted illustrations, an educational component with all the different types of owls, and an earthy look and feel to the volume.

In a lot of ways, I was right. I LOVE the drawings, they are beautiful. And I did learn about the different types of owls in our world. However, I will caution parents that this book is not intended for children (it’s not marketed that way, but it was my first thought). I may end up having to remove this book from my child’s room when he or she learns how to read.

For instance, the Short-Eared Owl is described as a woman who has been up all night, saying “flying over open ground looking for her purse, mascara smeared, with a beast of a hangover.”

In every other way, though, this book is absolutely superb and I can’t wait to show the lovely images to my child!

I received a complimentary copy of Owls from Blogging for Books, but I was not otherwise compensated for this review. All writing, thoughts, and opinions are solely mine.

Slowing down

Slowing down

We took some time to slow down amid a busy September last weekend.

Busy is just that, busy. It doesn’t necessarily mean that we are achieving, accomplishing. It doesn’t automatically mean that we are being productive or growing or stretching. It just means busy.

We’re still figuring out the balance. The rhythm. Of this new life, new home, new phase.

We walked down to the neighbor’s the other night and sat in their living room as the rain pounded down and just talked and talked for hours. Husband and I walked home in the dark, dodging the last of the rain drops. It was late, but it felt good to be making connections, making time, being, talking.

In an effort to make some of that time for ourselves, we took off for the mountains last weekend. It doesn’t happen nearly as often as we would like, but our little mountain excursions help bring us a bit of sanity, of slowing, of breathing, of being. It’s good for us.

A few photos and a few thoughts from our trip…

Sunset on the Blue Ridge Parkway

Our campsite at Sherando Lake State Recreation Area

So green at the lakes


Hiking Humpback Rocks Trail

The view from Humpback Rocks Trail

The pup made it to the top too

Enjoying the view, Blue Ridge Mountains