Six months in…

Six months in…

Six months in I’m often getting ask how I’m doing. The whole mom thing, is it good?

Fiona and me six months inThe short answer is, yes. I love being Fiona’s mother. The baby thing comes pretty naturally to me (and I’ve had a lot of practice with 10 nieces and nephews!).

The long answer is, it’s complicated. The mom thing I’m loving. The work thing is great. It’s the combination that’s hard. I’m still figuring out a rhythm to being a working mom. How do I give my all at work and still have enough of me left over for this precious babe and Husband? Left over? What an awful way to word that. My family should be my first priority, Husband and babe come first. But in real life, they come at the end of a long, arduous day.

I managed to get out of the house this morning on time (because I woke up at 5:00), without spit-up on my shirt (this is a miracle), with lunch (yesterday’s because I never had time to eat yesterday), and breakfast already eaten (yay!). I felt like I was on top of it. I dropped Fiona off at her nanny’s and headed into work, where I promptly noticed something white all over my black boots, dust? No, spit-up. Lovely. I’ll clean it off as soon as I get to my office, I thought. But I didn’t. That spit-up went right back home with me at the end of the day. Read more

One Thing: Bamboobies

One Thing: Bamboobies

One Thing: Where I share one thing that is making my life better or bringing me joy.

bamboobiesIn honor of World Breastfeeding Week and Breastfeeding Awareness Month, I thought I’d share one thing that I am loving and is helping me with breastfeeding: Bamboobies!

These washable nursing pads are made of the softest and most absorbent materials, bamboo and hemp. They are so comfortable, I often forget I’m even wearing the the daytime ones. In a pinch I have had to use Lansinoh and Madela disposable nursing pads a few times, and they were FAR from comfortable and I was definitely NOT about to forget I was wearing them.

Overnight Bamboobies are effective even when Fiona sleeps through the night (which is 90% of the time these days), and that’s coming from a stomach sleeper! One time recently I forgot to put them on and, of course, I leaked right through my shirt…

So Bamboobies for the win this week!

You can try a pair of Bamboobies FREE August 3-10, you just pay S&H ($2.99)! Go to to get yours!

**This is not an ad or paid promotion, I just really love this product.**

For Mom

For Mom

There’s a lot that I could say about my mom. I could tell you how she stayed at home with us kids for years when we were young. I could tell you about how she purposefully home-schooled each of us for 5th grade, or how she fostered my love of reading by devoting an hour of quiet time just to me…

But today, I think I want to stick with just one thing–the one that means the most right now.

Like most mothers and daughters, Mom and I haven’t always seen eye-to-eye–especially when I was a teenager… But as we grow, things change. And today, my mom is one of my closest friends.

Mother and daughter and friends.

I really can’t express how much that means to me as I have moved through a half-dozen states and embarked on so many new adventures. My friends, even very, very close ones, often come and go from life swiftly. But Mom is a steady friend, often the one I talk to on a regular basis. One from whom I can ask advice and glean wisdom. One with whom I can share struggles and triumphs.

So this Mother’s Day I’m thinking of my mom, not because she is my mom, but because she is so much more.


Thanks, Mom. Happy Mother’s Day!