Big adventures

Big adventures

Sometimes the magic and adventure of life is found in the smallest moments. The ones where families picnic on the beach or couples snuggle by a fire.

But sometimes, just sometimes, the adventures come in the big stuff–like finishing a graduate degree.

On Friday I received my hood… It was a hard fought battle–blood, sweat, and tears went into earning that hood. But I will say, it felt great when they slipped it on. The cap and gown seem like a palate, and it’s the hood, cords, sashes, tassels etc. that make it wonderful. During the hooding ceremony I found out that I had been chosen for the “Outstanding Graduate” award for the Journalism program, thanks at least in part to my thesis project that benefited a local nonprofit. It was a surprise and an honor to have all those hours of hard work recognized.

Saturday was especially sweet for me, in part, I think, because Husband was there. Most of my higher learning has been done on my own. Certainly, my parents’ encouraging support has been wonderful, but I attended school so far from home that I often felt very much on my own.

This degree started out much the same. But somewhere in the middle of it, I got married. “I” became “we.” And it turned into “us” getting me through school. Having Husband there in the audience when I walked across the stage was beautiful.

With Husband at graduation.


With family spread out across the nation, and in fact across the world, it was nice to have my parents come into town to help celebrate the occasion. Phone calls from siblings and in-laws were great as well. Somehow celebrations like these become a catalyst to renewing relationships and catching up. And that I love.

With my father.

With my mother.

And, of course, we celebrated. We had delicious food and drinks galore (a benefit of being married to a chef). And we had conversation. Community. Well wishes. Congratulations. And so much more.

Conversation with friends.


Gathering of friends.

Graduation Party

We had eggs to gather from the neighbors and puppies to play with.

Gathering eggs from the neighbor's house.

Ginger's "cousin" Gracie came for a visit.

And of course, we had ice cream to eat.

Husband serving ice cream.

Eating ice cream.

It was a good day.

Thanks Husband!

But now I need to figure out just what I’m going to do with that hood. Far too much work went into achieving it to just pack it into a box…