Dear Monday…

Dear Monday…

Dear Monday,
Thank you for providing chamomile tea this morning…I have a feeling I’m going to need it today.

Orange flower.Dear June,
Only a few days of this month remaining…I’m sorry to say that I am glad. June has been a long, hard month for us. I truly want to enjoy summer–embrace it–but I need the time to do that.

Dear July,
Please be kinder than June.

Dear Truck (BTW, I think you need a name),
Well, we’re off and running–hit 60,000 miles. Can’t wait to see what you bring into my life during your next 60,000…

My odometer

Dear Husband,
Thank you for everything you are and do. And for time spent together. It means more than you can know. And thanks for the belated Christmas present…(details to come!)

Dear Projects,
We’re having fun! Just wait, there are more in store over the next few months…

One of my latest projects...

Dear Peter Jr.,
I sincerely cannot wait to meet you! Stay small for another two weeks, okay?

My new nephew, Peter.


P.S. New skill to be acquired this summer:
My canning books arrived!

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