Barred Rock Rooster

Barred Rock Rooster

So we’ve had this Barred Rock rooster for about a year now, and he’s remained unnamed the entire time we’ve had him.

He’s been overshadowed most of this time, by a white rooster (we think a Leghorn), that was louder and prouder than this guy. But two roosters with six hens is NOT a good ratio, so we had to choose one to go. We re-homed our other rooster and he has his own flock of hens to protect now. Reports indicate he is loving his new home.

Barred Rock Rooster

This guy, he’s gorgeous. A little quieter, and a little gentler. He is also larger — a dark, almost imposing figure in the coop.

So it was finally time to name this guy, and I think I selected a good one: Rochester.

Named for the hero of a favorite Gothic novel, Jane Eyre.

Now, is it time to name the hens?

Meet Jane

Meet Jane

Jane the goat

Husband and I welcomed the latest addition to our growing little family last night: Jane The Goat.

She’s a sweetheart of a little baby, just weaned and only 2.5 months old. It was honestly heartbreaking to take her from her mama, and the little thing bleated all the way home.

Bringing Jane home

Chappy was immediately interested in her new companion, although they are currently separated. And before long, Jane wanted nothing more than to be with Chappy. She now bleats when Chappy wanders away from their adjoining gate. I take that as a very good sign.

Chappy and Jane

Jane doesn’t like being caught, but gives up fairly easily once she is and lets me pick her up and hold her. We also introduced her to Ginger, who was fascinated and maybe a little jealous of the newbie (not uncommon for Ginger, she eventually gets over it).

When I went out for morning feeding, Jane actually approached me — it’s the first time she has initiated contact. I’m hopeful that with a lot of handling she will become very people-friendly, and with her young age, she’s likely to attach to Chappy just fine.

We couldn’t be happier with our new little girl, and she opens us up to a whole new world of things to learn.

Holding baby Jane

Thursday, or…

Thursday, or…

Thursday, or as I like to call it “Day 3 Without Water.”



I woke up Tuesday morning to find our water pump not working. Kind of like when our hot water heater broke two days after moving in, or like when our well pump stopped working last month. Yeah. Three months into this whole home ownership thing and we’ll have mastered just about all water problems (including running toilets, leaky faucets, an overflowing washing machine and a contaminated well that won’t pass inspection). Go us.

We have to be realistic about the things that go wrong with home ownership, but that’s not the whole story. So here’s a quick snapshot of where we are right now:

The good: Three new little chicks joined our mini “homestead” this week. They still need names, but they’re cute and chirp constantly.

New chicks

The bad: Um, yeah, no water. No showers, no hot tea in the mornings, you get the idea.

The ugly: That would be the kitchen. Wallpaper has been stripped, new counters and sink are installed, but the 80s honey oak cabinets still scream outdated, the floor is torn up and the walls desperately need sanding/mudding/painting/tiling.

And because I’m trying to be positive here… The lovely: Almost every room is painted! Sure, I have a few closets and ceilings to finish, but the kitchen and sun room are the only rooms left to paint! It’s wonderful to walk through the house and feel how different it is compared to when we moved in. Red walls? Nowhere to be seen. Turquoise paint? All gone. It makes a girl happy.