48 hours of celebration!

48 hours of celebration!

Changing traditions come with growing, changing families. This year our Thanksgiving was anything but usual. We all gathered in Ohio from our respective homes (Georgia, Ohio, Washington DC, and Virginia). And the 48 hours that we spent in each other’s company was hectic, chaotic, and priceless. Our family now includes three “in-law” siblings, six little kids (soon to be seven) and numerous dogs.

The amount of noise and activity would have given anyone a headache, but it was also something to treasure. I love my brothers, sisters-in-law, and nieces and nephews more than I can say and I truly cherished getting to celebrate Thanksgiving and six (yes six!) family birthdays in the span of 48 hours. It will be more than a year before we will all be together again as the Georgia Drakes are moving to England in January. So these memories are going to have to last me a little while.

Here are a few photo mementos from our trip…

Thanksgiving dinner with the Drake clan.

Birthday party!

The nieces and nephews

Spending time with my best friend.
I was blessed to be able to also spend some time with my best friend who is soon moving to Florida. Thanks for being an honorary member of our family, Amber!

Horseback riding for the kids' birthday

Giving my niece a ride

Husband and I were also able to sneak away for a little bit to go antiquing (the antique stores in mid-Ohio are great!). I’ll share more about what we found soon…

A moment of beauty

A moment of beauty

I just wanted to post this photo I took yesterday as a reminder of the beauty in the small things in life. Although only for a moment between work, taking care of the horses, and heading off to small group, I was able to watch this combine harvest the soy beans in the field next to our house. It was a moment of peace and beauty in the midst of a hectic day.

I treasure those moments, and I am determined to keep finding them within my crazy days…

A combine harvesting soy beans in Virginia.

A long week

It seems that every time Friday rolls around, I’m thinking the same thing—boy was that a long week! Will a week ever just be a week?

Sure, part of it is some extra stress as I get used to me new responsibilities at work and one of my supervisors is out. And yes, I am working full time and taking a graduate level class and trying to work on my thesis. But really, life is going to continue this way for a while. So I might as well get used to it.

A few things I’m learning:
• Don’t attempt to do homework after working all day and cleaning the barn in the evening. I’m exhausted.
• Don’t schedule date night after work and barn for the same reason.
• Drink lots of hot tea at work in the morning; it makes the day feel a little calmer.
• Don’t plan to do too much on the weekends.
• Don’t stress too much over the state of disarray at the house while simultaneously trying to renovate the bedroom.
• Don’t attempt to do homework unless I have the house to myself.
• Purchasing a new dog toy/bone can be very helpful in getting homework done.
• MAKE time for friends; they’re more important than a clean floor.
• Wake up early enough that the morning isn’t rushed; it’s worth giving up 15 minutes of sleep.

In other news, the walls of our bedroom are completely prepped and Bob is going to be priming today (since he has the day off and I am working). If all goes as planned, I should get two coats of color on tomorrow. I might have to wait until Monday evening to do the glaze, but it should all be wrapped up in a few days!

Then perhaps on to the kitchen walls…