Gingerbread houses, take 4

Gingerbread houses, take 4

This is the fourth year Husband and I have made a gingerbread house together (you can see the previous three houses here), and each year we try to have a few friends join us in the endeavor.

I can sum it up best the way our friends said it last night as they were gathering their things to leave: “Well, it’s been…tedious.”

Yep, gingerbread houses are definitely tedious. But they’re also festive and fun (and they provide a pretty good marriage exercise for couples!). I love that when we married two years ago, we decided that as we learned to mesh the traditions we both cherished from childhood, we would also start a few of our own. That’s how gingerbread houses came into the picture, even if they are tedious =).

Making gingerbread houses with friends

Our gingerbread house tradition.

Gingerbread front yard.

Working on gingerbread house details.

Friends joining our tradition.

Detailing the roof.

Letting the house dry and set.