The Curated Life: Clothes

The Curated Life: Clothes

Over the past two years, I have slowly culled my wardrobe. Before I purchase anything knew, I think long and hard about what my wardrobe is missing, what I would use most and what I would be willing to shell out more $$ for.

I don’t wear out clothes very often (except those that have already been relegated to “barn” status b/c they are too small/large), so investing in pieces that are a little more pricey, but fit perfectly, are of good quality, and are very useful? That I think I can do. I’ll have them for years. (In fact, I have some clothes that I got when I was 16, and shoes I’ve had even longer than that.)

I’ve gotten rid of anything that doesn’t fit right: too small, too large, too short, too wide, too loose, too tight. I’ve gotten rid of anything I don’t like (duh!). And anything I like, but don’t wear (usually because I don’t like the feel of the fabric). I’ve paired down on things I do like and wear, because, really, who needs 15 ribbed tank tops? Or 20 t-shirts from various activities/places that remind me of college? And do I need to mention the college hoodies?

When we thought we’d have to move in December, I packed nearly all my clothes, just leaving out one set of pjs, a pair of yoga pants, 2 pairs of jeans (flare and skinny), a pair of cords (cause I LOVE me some cords in winter), a long sleeve t-shirt, and my sweaters and slacks for work.

I’ve been living on roughly that amount of clothing for weeks now. And, while I miss certain things, I’m realizing just how few clothes I need. And maybe, just maybe, I can donate/consign some more clothes, even if I like them and they fit, to make my life a little more simple. It’s a revelation.

Meanwhile, I made a few select purchases: a pair of tan cords (I’d been dreaming about these for months and found a pair on sale for $25), a lightweight base layer (definitely needed this with how much outdoors stuff we do, on sale for $22), and a Northface yoga sweatshirt (again, I’d been dreaming of this for about three years and saw one in the outlet, didn’t buy it, regretted not buying it, then saw it on sale at REI for $68). Normally, I wouldn’t spend more than $10 on a pair of pants or $15 on a sweatshirt, BUT I’m realizing that quality matters. And that one Northface sweatshirt that fits so well and is so comfortable? That means I can finally say goodbye to numerous college hoodies. And it’s not all expensive. I’d identified a need for “casual Friday” jeans for work and desired something in a dark wash, without any whiskering or anything. I found a pair of Quick Silver jeans at TJ Maxx on clearance for $7, and they are even long enough to be worn with heeled boots. Score.

Quick Silver jeans

Curating isn’t necessarily about getting rid of everything, just like frugality isn’t always about being cheap. Sometimes, purchasing select items is important and quality can trump cost.