Half Way Through My Breastfeeding Journey

Half Way Through My Breastfeeding Journey

BreastfeedingIt occurred to me recently, while I was reveling in the thought that in 6 months I won’t have to pump breast milk while I work anymore (the bane of my existence some days), that that also means my exclusive breastfeeding journey will be over in 6 months. It doesn’t feel like I’ve been at this long enough for that to be true!

Before Fiona was born, I knew that I wanted to breastfeed, for all the reasons everyone wants to: healthy for baby, healthy for mama, inexpensive! I had read that it’s good to have a “goal” in mind. But when I thought about it, a year (so I wouldn’t have to purchase formula) seemed daunting but 12 weeks seemed so minuscule. So I went in with an overarching desire to exclusively breastfeed, which would mean doing this for a year, without any real date in mind.

Breastfeeding overall has gone very well for me. Fiona latched immediately after birth. I was sore for a bit, but that eventually eased. I started out with some oversupply issues (engorgement, “choking” baby, spraying/leaking, etc.), but that eventually settled down, starting around 6 weeks and finally evening off around 12. Read more

One Thing: Bamboobies

One Thing: Bamboobies

One Thing: Where I share one thing that is making my life better or bringing me joy.

bamboobiesIn honor of World Breastfeeding Week and Breastfeeding Awareness Month, I thought I’d share one thing that I am loving and is helping me with breastfeeding: Bamboobies!

These washable nursing pads are made of the softest and most absorbent materials, bamboo and hemp. They are so comfortable, I often forget I’m even wearing the the daytime ones. In a pinch I have had to use Lansinoh and Madela disposable nursing pads a few times, and they were FAR from comfortable and I was definitely NOT about to forget I was wearing them.

Overnight Bamboobies are effective even when Fiona sleeps through the night (which is 90% of the time these days), and that’s coming from a stomach sleeper! One time recently I forgot to put them on and, of course, I leaked right through my shirt…

So Bamboobies for the win this week!

You can try a pair of Bamboobies FREE August 3-10, you just pay S&H ($2.99)! Go to BuyBamboobies.com to get yours!

**This is not an ad or paid promotion, I just really love this product.**