Even Husband agrees that it is time for the “Great Transition” (ie. putting away Spring/Summer clothes and bedding and replacing with Fall/Winter clothes and bedding). Husband is usually much more practical about these things (which is a little odd, because in other respects I am far more practical), but he recently requested that we make the Great Transition. (Must be all that cool, fresh air from the open windows!)

It’s not a simple chore, but I have much of it down to a specific routine that works. To give you a little before and after, this is what our bedroom looks like for the Spring and Summer:

Our bed in summer.

Headboard–Curious Cargo; Bedspread–Bon Ton; Pillows–various; Lamps–Ollie’s; Art–P. Graham Dunn

(Just as an aside, did I ever share the oh-so-perfectly coordinating lamps we got at Ollie’s for a steal? They aren’t what we want in the long run, but they are great for now. Take a look:

Bedside lamp.

So goes with our bedspread, right?)

But all of that bedding and oh-so-many pillows went into these bags to be stored in our cedar closet upstairs.

Bags of bedding for storage.

Then, out came our Fall/Winter bedding and pillows…

Our winter bedding.

Heated Mattress Pad–JCPenney; Down Comforter–JCPenney; Duvet Cover–TJ Maxx; Pillows–TJ Maxx and various thrift stores

It might seem like the opposite of simplifying to have to change all of this out every six months or so, but honestly it makes my life easier. We have a nice, light-weight comforter for Spring and Summer and for Fall and Winter we have a heated mattress pad and a down comforter. By switching them out, it not only helps freshen up the room for a new season, but it also helps keep our more expensive items from over-use and therefore, they don’t wear out as quickly. (But mostly, it’s just fun.)

I have a feeling there will be even more transition in our home as it morphs from Summer to Fall, but this is always the first major step.