West Virginia Finds

West Virginia Finds

When we travel, Husband and I love to find a few antique stores to visit. We are always looking for a new item to add to our collection and a good deal. (FYI, Virginia Beach is NOT the place to get a deal on antiques.)

We tried both Hinton and Beckley, W.V., without much luck, but on our way home from Bluestone SP, we stopped in Lewisburg and found a few stores way out of our price range, and one right in it.

So we brought home these two small finds to add to our collection:

For our bedroom, a sheepskin rug (which I’ve been wanting for about a year now). Most our things are in storage, and the furniture was just kind of plopped down wherever it fit, but this is what our room looks like right now:

Our bedroom

And the new sheepskin (currently accenting an antique trunk we found in Ohio):


And, for Husband, a well-worm ammo box:

ammunition box

Ammo box

We might stand it on end and place a piece of glass on the top for a small side table. Or maybe use it open as a planter. Or a shelf. Who knows how it will end up, but we liked it. So, those are our latest finds!

My newest acquisitions

My newest acquisitions

So Husband and I met a friend of a friend who is going through her parents’ c.1910 home and selling the contents. We did a little bartering, a little trading of services, and came up with a deal to meet everyone’s needs.

Sunday afternoon, Husband and I came home with these lovely new pieces for our home.

This antique armchair is great. The frame is sturdy and it’s super comfortable. The fabric is actually in really good shape, so until we have a little extra $$ to reupholster it, this can stay the way it is without garishly clashing. The small table (note: actually a plant stand) is mahogany and hand made by the couple’s son-in-law.

Antique armchair

This is another table to match the smaller one. It needs a little refinish on the top, but the rest is spectacular. When I get around to working on the top, I’ll let you know how it goes.

Mahogany table

This is one of my favorite pieces that we got. The jewelry armoire isn’t spectacular, but it’s super useful and will help me untangle my mess of jewelry in my current box. Plus, I’m looking forward to doing a little experimenting with milk paint on this one…

Jewelry armoire

And finally, we found this dusty mirror. It’s in pretty rough shape right now, but we don’t currently have any hanging mirrors and I have discovered they can be quite expensive. Not this one though! I’ll probably paint the frame (maybe more milk paint?) and hopefully find just the right place to hang it. I love the unique shape!

Antique, wood-framed mirror

I am so looking forward to setting aside a weekend to work on these!