The way we celebrate

The way we celebrate

Husband and I celebrated three years of marriage last week. Certainly, it’s not long compared to my parents’ 36 years or my grandparents’ 60 years, but each and every year is something to celebrate.

I love that we are still new to this. It’s an adventure unlike any other and we are navigating it and enjoying it to the best of our abilities.

So to mark the completion of our third year, we chose to do one of the things we love best: camping.

We packed up the truck, the pup and a weekend’s worth of food and took off for the Blue Ridge Mountains. This is one of our favorite places in the whole world. Given the choice, we would move to the mountains in a heartbeat. (But there are little things to consider that keep us where we are, like employment.)

It was three days and two nights of bliss, just Husband, the pup and me. We hiked, we photographed, we made campfires and cooked delicious meals. The things I love to do, like reading and knitting are oh-so-much better done by lamplight in the great outdoors.

We even saw a black bear (I’m sorry to say I didn’t get a photo because it was only for a moment…then again, I’m glad he didn’t stick around).

Happy Anniversary, Husband. I hope and pray each year is even better than the last.

Sherando Lake


Collecting firewood


Trickling waterfall

River rocks


Tree bark

Cooking Thai curry


Blogiversary 2

Blogiversary 2

It’s hard to believe that this September marks two years of blogging. As I reflect on these two years, I realize that above all else, there are two things I love about blogging.

The first is the opportunity to write down and sort out all kinds of thoughts on all kinds of subjects. Without this blog, I’m not sure how I would have processed grief this year.

And, secondly, the ability to look back at where we have been, and see where we have come to. It’s so easy to forget about the blessings–I think there’s a reason God’s people built an Ebenezer to remember the Lord’s faithfulness. This blog is an ebenezer too, because as I scroll back through my thoughts and photographic evidence of our lives, I realize just how faithful He is.

At sunset

To keep my tradition, I want to name a few things I am thankful for today:

  • Life. I spend a lot of time working through loss in this space, but today I am thankful for life.
  • Home. It’s temporary, but it’s still home.
  • My puppy, sugar gliders, horse, and husband who together make a wonderful family.
  • The changing seasons. This year has been tough, the changing seasons reminds me that life goes on and so shall we.
  • Warm blankets. I miss them all summer.
  • Camping. I CANNOT WAIT for this weekend =).
  • Love. The greater the love, the greater the loss. But I would never do it differently.
  • Canoeing together

    Ginger in the snow.


    Husband and puppy walking in Smithfield.

    Husband and I on Christmas Day.

    Sunset in the Florida Keys

    A family photo at the park

    Two wonderful years

    Two wonderful years

    Dinner together

    Three years ago this very week I went kayaking with a new friend. Two years ago today, I married him. You can read a little more about how that all evolved here.

    Husband and I have had a beautiful two years of marriage–I find it impossible to sum it up in a single post. Over the past two years we have been stretched, we have grown individually and in unity, we have learned ever more what it means to put Christ at the center of our marriage, and we have learned to put our trust ever more in God to see us through struggles.

    I can only pray for many, many more years of growing and changing and learning together.

    In honor of what we consider a sacred commitment to each other and our Lord, we have taken every opportunity over the past week to celebrate, remember and simply be together…

    Rose petals

    Second anniversary

    Flowers from husband

    More flowers from Husband

    Breakfast together

    Last year we headed to the mountains to go camping, this year we stuck closer to home, spending a little time in historic Smithfield, Va.

    Smithfield Station

    Long walks with Husband

    Kayaking together

    A country sunset bike ride.

    Delicious baked apple and ice cream.

    A souvenir plaque from Smithfield adorns our bedroom.

    Happy Birthday…er, anniversary?


    Not sure exactly what you’d call it, but we’re celebrating! Today marks one whole year from the moment I decided to turn someday into today and take a stab at this blog. I started with a list of things I was thankful for in that moment, and in the spirit of tradition I think I’ll do it again (along with sharing a few of my fav photos from the year).

    Today I am thankful for:

  • A wonderful husband who makes delicious food
  • A meaningful job
  • Crisp fall weather that is settling over our home
  • Open windows (you know I had to throw that in there!)
  • A puppy who is slowly but surely getting better
  • Family, of all shapes and sizes
  • Weekends for sleeping in and taking my time
  • Sandals

    This right here is why I blog.

    I started this little space as a place for my thoughts, both creative and introspective. I began this ritual because I needed a way to reflect, to recognize and celebrate the good and to process through the difficult. I have learned some valuable lessons–lessons on contentment, life, beauty and joy. I have learned to be where I am, in the moment I am in. To love that moment.


    In this space I have contemplated busy-ness and peace, explained why I need more rain in my life, described the heartache of meeting my newest nephew, and shared some of my favorite thrifty finds.


    Overall, it’s been a good year.

    Celebrating our first year

    It’s hard to believe that a full year has passed since my wedding. Sure, some things have become utterly comfortable—wearing two rings on my left ring finger, sharing a bed with a boy who rolls around in his sleep, the smell of coffee in the morning, etc.

    Yet it still somehow feels like the wedding was just yesterday.

    We watched the movie Julie & Julia last night. It was a film we saw almost two years ago in the theater, before we even started dating. That night Bob slyly talked me into going to dinner, coffee, and a movie with him. We were the only two people in the theater and he talked through the whole movie—all about French cooking and how awful it is.

    I didn’t get to really watch the movie itself until last night. I liked it =).

    Things I love about our marriage:
    • Living with my best friend
    • Doing yard work together
    • Holding hands while we walk the dog
    • Picking pumpkins on a chilly Sunday =)
    • The little gifts and “I love yous”
    • Pausing to slow dance in the kitchen to Miles Davis’ It Never Entered My Mind whenever it comes up in the iPod playlist
    • Weekly date night
    • Weekly day of rest together
    • Planning for our future, even if it does include budgeting
    • Encouragement
    • Nesting—I’ve always been a “nester” (since I was about 3 years old), now I have someone to do it with and for
    • Camping together on the living room floor because the bedroom is filled with paint fumes
    • Driving 3.5 hours to the mountains just to cut down a Christmas tree
    • Eating breakfast together every morning
    • Adventure
    • Opportunity
    • Life

    There are so many more things that I could add to this list. I love the small things, the little moments, creating traditions, forging through life together, and having many adventures.

    Here’s to another year of adventure!