{Moments of Inspiration}

{Moments of Inspiration}

“Our moments of inspiration are not lost though we have no particular poem to show for them; for those experiences have left an indelible impression, and we are ever and anon reminded of them.”
~ Henry David Thoreau

Our puppy, Ginger

After we returned from New York, Ginger wouldn’t leave my side. This is the view I woke up to…

Right around the corner…

Right around the corner…

Hiking with the puppy at Northwest River Park.

I’m beginning to learn that some of the best adventures, the most memorable memories, are right around the corner.

I’ve spent so many years searching for adventure. As a teenager, I went to South America five times. I chose a college 41 hours away from home. I have traveled, taking trips, internships, and jobs in random states. I love to travel. I love to go. It makes great memories. It makes life an adventure.

But I’m learning to be content where I am. Life has changed and, right now, international trips just aren’t in the budget. But there are different kinds of adventures, like figuring out this whole marriage thing. And the challenge of living life to the fullest on a frugal budget. So we’re learning to do things like camping locally.

Husband and I spent Friday night through Sunday afternoon at Northwest River Park, literally ten minutes from our house. It’s a delightful little park, with a number of hiking trails (and bridal trails, I’m thinking that might be another adventure in my future), a river (obviously), and a wonderful campground full of mature shade trees.

Our camp site.

We’ve only taken Ginger camping once before, and it was a bit of an adventure. This time she did wonderfully! (Only minimal separation anxiety when one of us would leave the site to find water or something…but not at all afraid of the tent this time around!) She’ll be a camping pro before long =).

I’m so glad that while I have scaled back the funds required for these adventures ($40 for camping plus $5 for gas), I haven’t had to reduce the enjoyment and refreshing rest they offer. Husband and I both come from families who prize camping above just about any other kind of vacation. Sure, cruises are great and islands are nice, but camping? Camping is THE BEST!

I hope it’s a tradition we can pass on to our children.

Aside from a few ticks, some annoying mosquitoes, and a chilly first night, our trip was perfection.

Loving the little things.

Despite the fact that we purchase a brand new bone, Ginger preferred her sticks.

Despite the fact that we purchased a brand new “camping” bone, Ginger preferred the plentiful sticks littering our campsite.

There's nothing quite like breakfast made over a camp fire.

Hiking some boggy trails.

Steak dinner by lamp light?

New definition to reading by the fire.

Hiking puppy!

Paw print.

Tuckered pup.

Camping with Husband.

Cyprus trees.

Looking forward to making many, many more such memorable trips, right around the corner…



Today I am thankful for…

  • My cuddly puppy, even if she makes me jealous by staying in bed while I force myself to get ready for the day.
  • My home. Any home would be something to be thankful for, but my home especially. It is a blessing.
  • Taking the time to enjoy something each day.
  • Husband.
  • Warm days. Cold nights.
  • Open windows. Flannel sheets.
  • Rhythm.
  • The lovely faces of blooming daffodils.
  • Homemade pizza.
  • The final push on my thesis.
  • Yoga.
  • Almost March.
  • Progress.
  • Hope.

Cuddly puppy
It appears Ginger has outgrown her “morning puppy” tendencies. Now I have to poke, prod, and bribe her out of bed in the morning…

TC 15: The Puppy

Do I have words enough to express how thankful I am for my puppy?

Ginger was a Christmas present from Husband last year–a Craigslist-puppy that was a bundle of energy and cuteness when she came to us at 5 months old. That was nearly a year ago.

Ginger's first Christmas

After months of house-training, crate-training, and all kinds of other training, Ginger is more adolescent than puppy. Her legs are lanky and she doesn’t always seem to know where they will land. She is awkward and clumsy at times, but also very agile and athletic. She’s a lovely little (55 lbs) hound mix and her nose gets her into trouble sometimes (like when she tries to smell our dinner plates and the aroma begs her to take a lick too).

When we first brought Ginger home, we lived in a beach house in Sandbridge. The house is on stilts and she had no idea how to climbs stairs, so we had to carry her up and down the steps the first few days! Ginger and I walked on the beach almost every morning, in spite of the cold and wind. She loves the beach, although she won’t get anywhere near the water.

Ginger at the beach

Now we live in the country and Ginger has started coming to the barn with me. She’s both interested in and intimidated by the “big puppies” in the stalls. She likes to romp in the fields and chase our neighbors chickens (a habit we are desperately trying to break her of!).

Ginger in the country

Over the past year, she has been companion and friend to me as Husband has worked several demanding jobs in our year of marriage.

I know a lot of people who like dogs but wonder if it is really worth the effort. I cannot imagine anything SO worth it! Animals bring so much joy to my life, why would I not sacrifice the time and work it requires to keep them? Husband thinks I’m starting my own private zoo, and he may be right. I just can’t imagine my life without these lovely creatures.

Ginger in the papasanI love waking up to a gentle little lick on the tip of my nose. Or to a snuggly Ginger making sleepy noises when she wants to sleep in on Sunday mornings. I even love that Ginger thinks she still fits on the papasan with me like she did when she was 35 lbs. And I don’t even mind that she steals our socks any chance she gets. We call her “the Little Sock Thief” and “Ramona the Pest” and “In the Way Puppy.”

And we love her for every moment of happiness she brings us.

Ginger camping

Ginger in the snow

Ginger with paint on her

Ginger Sleeping

Ginger face carved in pumpkin