Seven Months!

Seven Months!

It’s hard to believe Fiona is 7 months old already! She is officially sitting up on her own, and she’s working so hard on learning to crawl. She is very interested in food and loves to join our family meals (french toast appears to be her favorite so far!). She is happiest outdoors and first thing in the morning. She blows raspberries constantly and absolutely loves her toys!

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Six months in…

Six months in…

Six months in I’m often getting ask how I’m doing. The whole mom thing, is it good?

Fiona and me six months inThe short answer is, yes. I love being Fiona’s mother. The baby thing comes pretty naturally to me (and I’ve had a lot of practice with 10 nieces and nephews!).

The long answer is, it’s complicated. The mom thing I’m loving. The work thing is great. It’s the combination that’s hard. I’m still figuring out a rhythm to being a working mom. How do I give my all at work and still have enough of me left over for this precious babe and Husband? Left over? What an awful way to word that. My family should be my first priority, Husband and babe come first. But in real life, they come at the end of a long, arduous day.

I managed to get out of the house this morning on time (because I woke up at 5:00), without spit-up on my shirt (this is a miracle), with lunch (yesterday’s because I never had time to eat yesterday), and breakfast already eaten (yay!). I felt like I was on top of it. I dropped Fiona off at her nanny’s and headed into work, where I promptly noticed something white all over my black boots, dust? No, spit-up. Lovely. I’ll clean it off as soon as I get to my office, I thought. But I didn’t. That spit-up went right back home with me at the end of the day. Read more

The past five months

The past five months


It’s hard to believe five months have already passed since Fiona joined our family, hard and yet easy. Because in some ways it feels like our family couldn’t be complete without her, like she must have always been a part of us.

She turned five months old today and I’m definitely feeling all the feels. Disaster struck the highways today (a bridge stuck open) and it took me twice as long as usual to get home. I only got to see my girl for about 45 minutes before she went down. But that time was so special. She ate and we snuggled. She played on a blanket on the floor while I ate. She showed off new tricks.

Fiona rolled over onto her tummy, something we’ve seen evidence of, but never got to watch her do, then she looked at us and grinned as if to say “Did you see me? Did you really see me?” Read more

Five Months!

Five Months!

At 5 months old Fiona is becoming a pro at camping and she absolutely loves hiking! Fi is officially rolling over and now that she’s on the move, there’s no stopping her. Her favorite toys are her feet, her wubbanub, and Sophie la Girafe. She is always observant, chatty when comfortable with her surroundings, and is sparking an interest in Mama and Daddy’s food. It is a pleasure to watch her grow and learn!

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I crave rhythms. Thrive on rhythms. And when Fiona was born, it completely changed our rhythms. In fact, for the first few months, there was only the remotest semblance of rhythm. I was just figuring it out when I had to start back to work and that threw us for a loop.

Fiona is almost 5 months old (already!) and I am determined to start developing some new rhythms for our life. And our life is full, very full. Husband and I both work full time, I have two hours of commuting every day, I drop off and pick up Fiona from her nanny’s every day, washing bottles and diapers, feeding Fiona and putting her to sleep; washing, drying, folding laundry; farmer’s market Saturdays; camping weekends; and it goes on and on.

It’s a lot.

But I know we can do it.

I want to do it.

I want to collect eggs from the chicken coop and carve out the time to ride my pony. I want to sit and read and drink a cup of tea. I want activity to be a regular part of my life — long walks, bike rides, canoeing, kayaking, hiking etc. I want to be fully present with Fiona. I want to attend church and dive into small group regularly.

Little things are helping me develop the rhythms I need to make it work. A few things that I think will work for me:

  • Throw a load in the wash at night, dryer in the morning, folding in the evening. (And asking Husband to put away his own clothes!)
  • Baby laundry once a week, might need a few more outfits.
  • Diaper laundry twice a week, might need a few more diapers. (Also, hanging a clothes line in the backyard so I’m not hanging covers all around my pantry/laundry room.)
  • Baking: Once a week maybe? Mondays?
  • Getting up early. I am so NOT a morning person, but if I can manage to get up at 5am, I’ll have time for a cup of tea and breakfast before I hit the road.
  • Robotic vacuum. I so, so want one. Having a Roomba would help keep up with the dog hair situation (not to mention dirt from the garden, flyaway flour from making pizzas, and the errant leaves that always come in on the produce we pick).
  • Keeping the sink clear of dirty dishes. Everything must go directly into the dishwasher (this especially helps when it’s time to bathe the babe, because we do sink baths!)

I’m sure I will come up with a few more, but these will hopefully make a good start to our new rhythm!

My Daughter

My Daughter

I always thought I would be a better boy mom. I’m not girly, I’m definitely NOT into princesses and sparkles and pink.

I’m more about climbing trees, mucking stalls, and hiking. Of course girls can do these things, I did these things as a girl. But it isn’t typical.

And the drama, oh the drama. When I went to college and lived with other girls for the first time (I have three brothers), I was in for an education in drama. And the drama starts early, appearing even in little girls.

For some time, having a girl almost terrified me. What would I do with her?

But then I had a niece, and then another (two actually — identical twins). I now have six nieces and I’ve learned a lot from them. It’s not so scary any more, this idea of raising girls.

The nieces and nephews

My nieces and nephews a few years ago…

In fact, I began to think that maybe I would like to have a girl — so I can raise her to be independent, brave, fierce and adventurous. The world needs more girls like that. Girls who can stand up for themselves, who know who they are, who don’t look to boys for validation.

For ten long months I wondered whether we would be raising a boy or a girl, picturing life with both. On January 28 I learned that the little one I loved so much already was indeed a girl. And rather than insecure, I found myself excited to have a daughter.

milk drunk baby

I can teach her to love history, to enjoy classic literature, to jump in mud puddles and go camping like a pro.

I can teach her to ride horses and Husband can teach her to surf.

I will encourage her to always be herself, to not need the approval of others. I will show her the world and help her find her place in it — as a brave, compassionate, creative person who can make her mark on the world.

Someday she will be grown and perhaps even have a daughter of her own, and I hope she will also strive to teach her girl to be exactly who God created her to be — no matter what the world says.

I have a daughter, and I am beyond excited to raise her to be one amazing person.

Baby's first stall cleaning