The Night Stand

What’s on my night stand? (Or my audible player?):


Attachments by Rainbow Rowellby Rainbow Rowell

I snagged the Kindle version of this book after having read and enjoyed Eleanor and Park. While Rowell’s use of profanity irks me a bit (and feels unnecessary), her quirky, unique writing style is thoroughly enjoyable. Like Eleanor and Park, her characters are anything but trite. They are often deeply flawed, but lovable — and believable — people just like you or me. No incredible heroes or impossible heroines, but people you think, “Yeah, I could be friends with you.” Attachments was also a fun look back at the turn of Y2K!

The Secret Keeper

The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton by Kate Morton.

I’m joying the slow progression of how this story unfolds. It keeps you questioning and trying to figure it out without revealing the full story to early. With only 5 hours left to go, I’m still not entirely sure how this one is going to wrap up. I’m enjoying the writing and the characters, especially how multiple generations of women with varying backstories are woven together. For me, this one would not be a quick read, and I don’t think fun is a good word to describe it either. But worthwhile and well-written most definitely. The narrator is also quite good on the audio version!


Fangirl by Rainbow Rowellby Rainbow Rowell

So, after I finished Attachments, I grabbed Fangirl. Again, I could do without the swearing, but otherwise this one is also proving to be an enjoyable read. I relate at times to the main character, not that I was ever into fan fiction, but the awkwardness of freshman year at college? Oh yeah, been there, done that. I didn’t know where to sit in the dining hall either. Another fun one from Rainbow Rowell!

A Matter of Trust

A Matter of Trust by Susan May Warren by Susan May Warren

Following books one and two of the Montana Rescue series (Wild Montana Skies and Rescue Me), A Matter of Trust was another foray into the wild adventure that is my beloved state of Montana. This time, I learned more than I had ever wanted to know about the risks and rewards of back country snowboarding — something I am sure I would never be brave enough to try! Having snowboarded some of Montana’s (tame) mountains myself, I enjoyed that context for this book. Aside from those pieces though, I found the plot fairly predictable and the characters only semi-engaging. Warren is a good writer, but I’m still waiting for a new truly inspired book from her.


A Fool and His Monet

A Fool and His Monet by Sandra Orchardby Sandra Orchard

After being surprised by Sandra Orchard’s Another Day, Another Dali and Over Maya Dead Body, I went back to the first in the series to see how it all started with A Fool and His Monet. I definitely recommend reading these in order, as it’s definitely a different experience when you know how the trilogy concludes. But still, I thoroughly enjoyed spending a little more time with Serena Jones and her fun and quirky friends and family. Still not an exquisitely designed plot, but fun nonetheless!

Pippi Longstocking

Pippi Longstocking by Astrid Lindgren by Astrid Lindgren

Fiona and I are reading this together veeeerrry slowly, like a page or two at a time. I know that it really goes over head, but I want to instill in her not just a love of books, but also of literature. And I figure, why not start now? So while I’m nursing in the evenings, I’ve been grabbing this one and reading aloud. If nothing else, she can enjoy the cadence and rhythm of my voice and I can enjoy the story line. I’d never read Pippi before, so I’m enjoying reading it for the first time. I’ve also made it an informal goal to read more books in translation after diving into A Man Called Ove last year and having enjoyed some classic French literature (translated, of course) in the past.

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