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Historic Chuckatuck Virginia libraryOne Thing: Where I share one thing that is making my life better or bringing me joy.

I love our library. Just a few miles from our house (2.1 to be exact), I have dreams of me and Fiona biking down to the library to five into books or story time or star gazing nights.

Just one of the branches of the Suffolk Public Library, Chuckatuck is easily the smallest permanent library I’ve ever seen, just 2,000 sq ft. And the cutest. The building was formerly the cafeteria of Chuckatuck High School (the building that is now Sauders Supply) and in 1989 it was given new life as a library.

It has everything a library needs: books, a librarian, a few computers, WiFi access, and a children’s section where littles like Fiona are invited to stay a while. Mondays (not every Monday, but maybe once or twice a month) are now my library day. The library is generally only open during working hours on weekdays, but it is also open on Monday evenings.

I could go to another library in the Suffolk system. The North Suffolk Library is mere steps from Fiona’s nanny and it is open quite a few more hours. But I want to support my local library. I don’t want the tiny, adorable Chuckatuck Library to close for lack of use, and if it does, I certainly don’t want to regret not have patronized it and shown my support while I could.

So off to the library we go on Monday evenings to select the latest books for our reading adventures.

If you have a local library, might I suggest you make use of it? ALL THE BOOKS! I want Fiona to grow up with a love of reading and books, but we can’t afford to buy her all the books. The library is a resource for everyone though, big and small, wealthy and not. It’s a simple, frugal thing that is truly putting a smile on my face.

Learn more about the historic Chuckatuck library!

Historic Chuckatuck Virginia library

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