Book Review: Catching Heat

Catching Heat by Janice CantoreCatching Heat by Janice Cantore is the third installation of the Cold Case Justice series.

The deaths of her parents appears to be settled — or as settled as it was going to be — so detective Abby Hart is prepared to move on. But when a key confession witholds information, Abby can’t stand the injustice. Now a part of the newly formed task force to address cold cases, she learns that it’s harder to let go than she thought.

Meanwhile, private investigator Luke Murphy is ready to blaze ahead with the first lead assigned to his new cold case team. Struggling to keep Abby’s focus on the case, he worries her seeming obsession might become deadly.

I love to dive into well-written romantic suspense on a Friday evening with every intention of reading too late into the night. Janice Cantore’s Cold Case Justice series is just the ticket. Catching Heat, sequel to Drawing Fire and Burning Proof, continues the story of a California police detective and a private investigator who were pulled together by events of their childhood and recent cold case developments.

Abby continues to grow as a character in this installation of the Cold Case Justice series and she continues to be relatable, like able and root-for-able. I was a little frustrated in this novel that Abby’s character seemed inconsistent — she is both extremely intelligent, yet makes poor decision after poor decision and cannot see her own obsession. Perhaps that is how obsession goes, maybe it is all but impossible for one obsessed to recognize it, but as a reader, it was frustrating to see an intelligent character make such blindly poor decisions.

Luke, on the other hand, felt all but perfect in this installment, making him less relatable. His daughter, who would clearly be central to his life, was hardly to be seen. His treatment of Abby is perhaps as perfect as a human could get, with few lapses in judgement.

So while I enjoyed the new cold case Abby and Luke tackle, and I appreciated the continued plot of the larger case involving Abby’s parents, I found this the hardest to swallow character-wise.

As always, Cantore’s personal experience as a police officer brings an element of realism to the law enforcement threads of plot, and the writing is well executed. I definitely recommend reading this series in order, to fully appreciate the bigger picture plot that runs through the series. And while Catching Heat wasn’t my favorite of this series, I would still highly recommend the Cold Case Justice series to lovers of police procedurals and mysteries with just a touch of romance.

I received a complimentary copy of Catching Heat from Tyndale House Publishers, but I was not otherwise compensated for this review. All writing, thoughts, and opinions are solely mine.

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