One Month!

Hard to believe one month of Fi’s life has already come and gone! She has already changed so much since she was born, I’m sorry to see that she has already outgrown some things, like her brand new baby cry and the tiny little squeaks and sounds she used to make in her sleep (she still makes sounds in her sleep, but they are so much louder and grunty now!).

Fiona is fascinated by the ceiling fan, hates being confined to her car seat, wakes up only once at night around 3am, hardly ever cries and is even beginning to smile at us. It’s been a wonderful month getting to know our little girl!

I never want to miss a moment of this girl’s life.

Fiona Rose Marie one month old

Fiona's smile

Baby hand

Fiona yawn

Baby booties

See the rest of Fiona’s monthly pics!

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