I, Houdini

Did you ever read that book as a child? It was one of my favorites.

I have a little Houdini on my hands these days. I got home from work (early, thank goodness) a few days ago to discover a wily little goat out of her pen and loose in the barn, with her head pushed into a bag of goat feed.

A moment with Jane the goat

I know an Amishman who has a saying: Everyone should own a goat…so you know why you never want to own a goat.

I laughed at it. A goat sounded like a great idea to me.

It still does, but her little Houdini act sure was a scare.

Thankfully, gorging herself on grain doesn’t seem to have caused a problem. I’m guessing I found her not long after she got out (thank you Lord for early release from work!). We watched her for signs of sickness, bloating, listlessness, refusal to eat, etc.

Instead, my girl was bouncing off the walls (literally: jumping up against the barn siding and bouncing off) and she was demanding her grain just moments later. She’s been chowing down on hay ever since (which is good for her digestion) and hasn’t been interested in licking some baking soda (which she would be if she needed it). She’s doing great.

I, on the other hand, kind of freaked out. I hate that feeling of being helpless when things go wrong with my creatures. It’s my job to keep them safe and healthy, and when I can’t do that, I worry.

I checked on my girl once an hour all evening and woke up super early to make sure she was still in good health in the morning.

Thankfully, it was just a scare. Meanwhile, we’re trying to figure out just how our Houdini made her escape. The best we can come up with is that she used Chappy’s bucket to climb her way out of the stall. Either that or she climbed over the bottom rail and above the electric wires (but below the top rail and electric tape). Maybe she’s an acrobat.

Keeping a good eye on Jane these days and so grateful she didn’t end up getting sick or worse.

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