Six Month Progress: Dining Room

For every room like the Living Room or Master Bedroom that are feeling calm and pulled together, there are several rooms that are disaster areas, like the dining room. It’s just steps from the living room, but seems to be a repository for all the kitchen items that have yet to find a home as we renovate in there.

So, a before photo:

Dining room - before

And current photos:

Dining room, 6 month progress

Dining room, 6 month progress

Dining room, 6 month progress

We have big plans for this room, but obviously, they are mostly just plans. So far, all we’ve done is paint the walls and trim and part of the ceiling…

Someday, we want to add floor=to-ceiling built-ins to both sides of the sliding glass doors (designed and built by my Daddy =) ). Also, we’re going to replace those doors with lovely French doors. And set up the aquarium along the chimney, and have a custom-built table made with a metal stand and reclaimed barn wood top. And replace to flooring with something more kid friendly (read: spill resistant). And and and. Lots of plans, not much money…

Plus, we need to repair the plaster where we were having leaks along the chimney, oh and whitewash that chimney of course!

Dining Room Source List:
Wall Paint – Revere Pewter by BM
Trim Paint – White Dove by BM
Table: Antique store in WV
Wooden chairs: Antique store in WV
Cube Shelves: Ikea
Metal Chairs: Garage sale in OH (these actually belong in the kitchen)
Aquarium and stand: Hand-me-down from a friend
Unassembled table/chairs: Antique family heirlooms from Great Aunt Pinky via my brother
Bird Cage: Antique store in OH, for our wedding

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