The good/The bad

While I’m working on getting some more six month photos of the house, here’s a quick update:

The good:
My sister-in-law and her littlest came to stay for a night. Just one night, but it was wonderful to open our new home to family. It’s what we dreamed about when we first began looking for a home. No worries over the half-renovated mess in the kitchen — hospitality doesn’t require perfection. Oh, and we received the new chairs for our living room, looking forward to getting the room just how we want it.

New chairs

The bad:
Yet again, we hit a water issue recently. The breaker on our water heater kept flipping and leaving us with freezing water. After a few cold showers, I couldn’t take it anymore and we got a new breaker (after all, we already got a new water heater). Surprisingly, such a simple thing seemed to fix the problem. Yay for no more cold showers!

The ugly:
Um, the kitchen. It’s a mess. Enough said.

Current kitchen

The lovely:
The front porch. Oh, it still needs a coat of paint on the railings and the front door is still Williamsburg Blue, but it’s featuring a pretty red rocking chair and some budding mums as well as a few fun colored pumpkins and gourds from Trader Joes. My own little welcome to fall. Plus, my anniversary bouquet from Husband…

Anniversary flowers

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