Six Month Progress: Master Bedroom

So I shared a big old post of “before” photos, and now I’d like to give some updates now that we’re six months in. The house is far from finished (I’ll give a sneak peak at what the kitchen looks like right now…), but we are making progress and I want to document this in-between stage.

So to start, the master before:

Master bedroom - before

And a few current photos:

Master bedroom - 6 month progress

Master bedroom - 6 month progress

Master bedroom - 6 month progress

Master bedroom - 6 month progress

Master bedroom - 6 month progress

The master bedroom is definitely the most “together” room in the house, and obviously it’s not finished. It’s still missing curtains on one window (I just found the hardware for the second curtain rod this week!), needs more art on the walls etc. But its the calmest room in the house for sure. I painted, placed furniture, hung a few things on the wall and even set out a few decorations.

And, since I want to be honest about how things are going, the before on the master bathroom:

Master Bath - before

And the current state of the master bath and closet (at least the gold sponge-painted stripes are gone, although the closet is an utter mess)…

Master bathroom - 6 month progress

Master bathroom - 6 month progress

Master closet - 6 month progress

And just to prove how much we really don’t have it together right now, the kitchen:

Current kitchen

Master Bedroom Source List:
Wall Paint – Revere Pewter by BM
Trim Paint – White Dove by BM
Comforter/pillows – Dillards
Rug – JCP
Headboard – local decor shop (it’s actually a room divider!)
Bedside tables – Craigslist
Blonde dressers – Antique store (Ohio)
Wooden dresser – Family heirloom
Coat tree – Family heirloom
Jewelry armoir – Estate sale (VA)
Trunk – Antique store (Ohio)
Sheepskin – Antique store (WV)
Hat/Scarf rack – Flea market
Pouf – TJ Maxx
Lamps – Ollies
Standing mirror – Hand-me-down from roommate
Chair – Antique store (WV)
Curtains/Rods – JCP
Hamper – Tuesday Morning

Master Bath/Closet Source List:
Wall Paint – Silver Gray by BM (definitely a blue tone)
Trim Paint – White Dove by BM
Mirror – Home Depot
Shower curtain – Kohl’s

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