So I’m finally (after 4.5 months of home ownership) getting around to collecting our “before” photos of the house. It’s amazing how much has changed in so short a time and looking back at these photos, I realize how much I’ve forgotten. So, with no further ado, here was the house when we bought it…

Living room:
Living room - before

Living room - before

Dining room:
Dining room - before

Sun room - before

Kitchen - before

Kitchen - before

Laundry room - before

Master Bedroom:
Master bedroom - before

Master Closet:
Master bedroom closet - before

Master Bath:
Master Bath - before

Master Bath - before

Hallway - before

Linen Closet:
Linen closet - before

Hall Bath:
Hall Bath - before

Hall Bath - before

Guest Room:
Guest Bedroom - before

Study - before

Study - before

And, just for fun, a photo from our first night in the new house (I will never forget that it was 42* in the house when we got there!):
First night

I’m hoping to take a slew of “In Progress” photos over the weekend (we’re having a house warming, so it will all be cleaned up!) to post next week.

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