Book Review: Stranded

Stranded by Dani PettreyThe third novel in Dani Pettrey’s Alaskan Courage series, Stranded, is a great addition to Submerged and Shattered.

The story continues the saga of the McKenna siblings, focusing on big brother Gage. Darcy, a former investigative reporter, gets pulled into an undercover operation by her former partner, who promptly disappears. Left on her own to solve the mystery of her friend’s whereabouts, Darcy inadvertently involves her friends the McKennas, and Gage realizes that he isn’t willing or able to look the other way as Darcy walks headfirst into danger. Soon, the two must work together to solve the mysterious disappearance of women from cruise ships in Alaska.

I flew through this book in record time, reading well into the night and fighting drooping eyes just to read one more page. I was a little sad that I figured out the “whodunnit” before the characters, but I always appreciate an author willing to give the reader all the clues they need to figure it out, rather than holding some back and then revealing the key clue only at the end. So kudos to Pettrey for giving the reader a chance.

I appreciate that Darcy, as a heroine, she is spunky, but believable. She doesn’t wait around to be rescued, but she understands the need to depend on those she trusts. And Gage was likable and imperfect. I love that Pettrey ties in the other family members — coming from a pretty tight-knit family, I know how important siblings really are. In this novel, the reader gets a glimpse into the lives of Kayden McKenna and Jake, who are featured in the fourth book in the series. I have to say, though, I’m not a big fan of Kayden and I hope the next novel changes my mind about her…

Stranded wasn’t my favorite of the series so far, but it was a page turner and I did enjoy it very much. I have been a long-time fan of Pettrey’s friend, Dee Henderson, and I would highly recommend Pettrey to any of Henderson’s readers. The style of mystery and suspense with heart and faith is a unique find amid inspirational fiction.

I was not paid for this review. All writing, thoughts, and opinions are solely mine.

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PS. A review for book 4 in the series, Silenced, will be coming shortly!

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