A new era

Home. It means so many things in so many different ways. I think of Laura Ingalls Wilder, and all the varying homes she had and loved — in the Big Woods, along the prairie, the sod home etc. I think of Anne coming to Green Gables. I think of myself, roaming far and wide for the past decade, home an ever-evolving concept.

But now, I have a home. We have a home. We have a place to land. A place to put down roots. A place to connect to, invest in, and grow with us.

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written anything, but during that hiatus we bought our very first house.

We have been actively searching for a home of our own for about two years now. Six months ago, we had to move into yet another temporary home. But we knew the Lord would bring the right place to us at the right time. We just had to watch and wait. And He did.


The house is exactly what we want, it just needs a bit of updating. And we are more than happy to give all the TLC it needs.

Two things contend for “best” or “favorite” with this place: The adorably small one-stall barn for Chappy and the giant brick fireplace right in the middle of the living room/dining room. I have great plans for both of these features.

For now, we consider the house a blank slate. We are working on updates to the kitchen that won’t cost much, but will provide an entirely new appeal to the smallest space in the house. New paint will refresh the entire interior. And a fence will make it possible to bring my baby to our own space.

Our space. I like that.

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