February, the non-consumer month

So I’m declaring February a personal non-consumer month. It isn’t so much that I’m 100% anti-consumerism. It doesn’t have anything to do with the commercialism of Valentine’s Day. And it isn’t entirely because of a restrictive budget (although that is part of it). And, really, it has nothing at all to do with February.

This is a new month, and it seems a good time to start an experiment. With a tight budget and plans to purchase a home, spending creates more problems than it fixes. We aren’t big spenders, we’re not compulsive. We’re actually rather frugal, and myself even moreso than Husband. HOWEVER…

We, like most Americans, are in a habit of buying. We want/like/need/would use something and we have the means? It’s a done deal.

Instead, this month, I want to challenge myself to do without. Without spending. Without buying. Without needing that one more thing.

Because really, what more do I need?

This doesn’t mean we won’t be purchasing food or medicine or toothpaste (which we’re out of at the moment), but it will extend to some of my regular purchases, like make-up (I don’t wear much to begin with, but since I’m out as of this morning, I won’t be buying any this month), yarn, candy bars, books, etc.

I just want to reset my habits. I want to carefully consider purchases, mull over them, and only make a selected few. But that’s not my mindset right now. So I’m going to start over, wipe the slate clean, and retrain my thinking.

So, February = no consumerism.

This might be hard, we’ll see…

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