I’ve actually been reading lately. And it feels oh-so-good.

My reading waxes and wanes over time. From a tentative child for whom reading was difficult, I became a voracious reader in middle school and high school. It was about fourth grade when I discovered the Bobbsey Twins and read dozens of those novels in a single summer. I remember first reading Jane Austen the summer after seventh grade. In college, text books put a bit of a damper on recreational reading, but not too much, and I became acquainted with Christian authors like A.W. Tozer and Oswald Chambers. In the summers I would read a novel a day. And post college? I didn’t have internet, or TV, or anything else to occupy me. I lived alone, my nearest friends were nearly an hour away, so I read. A lot.

In graduate school, I had to put it on hold, because those text books are tough. And the sheer volume of required reading incredible.

After grad school I picked it up again — interspersing short classics with contemporary novels, and re-reading old favorites. But recently, I’ve expanded my horizons and it feels like I’m spreading my wings for the first time in a long time.

I’m diving into hefty classic literature, and trying new authors like Emile Zola. And, I’m part of a book club for the first time. We’re reading a wide array of books, many of which I never would have picked up on my own. And I’m so glad.

Last night, I finished two books, Pot Luck and Stitches. I was almost gleeful as I finished the last page of each and realized that I’m just a few days from receiving my next two books in the mail: The Ladies’ Paradise (sequel to Pot Luck) and My Year with Eleanor (for book club).

As the majority (read: hundreds) of my books are still packed in boxes awaiting the day we purchase a house of our own, I’m delighted to discover and read treasures like these each month. When such an array of books is before me, it can be overwhelming and a book I had long sought may end up shelved and promptly forgotten. But when I have only two or three available, I devour them.

Husband claims I need a Kindle (he’s tired of moving all those boxes of books), but I refuse to go all digital.

I grew up in a house chock full of books. Friends were amazed and awed — many of their homes had nary a shelf in sight. And while my friends whiled away the days watching TV, playing video games, and flipping through magazines, I was reading. And so I will never get rid of my books, because I want my future children to also flourish as readers.

Now I’m off to track my Amazon package to see just what day my treasured books will arrive…


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