Christmas thoughts

I think this is the first Christmas I’ve ever been alone.

Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been alone all day and I won’t be this evening. But I am right now and it’s…perplexing.

I was able to straighten things up and sweep the floors, I even took a nice long hot shower and got fully dressed (I even dried my hair!), and since I’ve been sick as a dog on the couch for two days, I finally feel human again.

I’m sick , that’s the reason I’m alone right now.

Normally, we spend the middle of the day with Husband’s family, but the last thing I want to give someone for Christmas is whatever has had me laid out for the past few days, so I bowed out. I sent Husband with the gifts and stocking stuffers and volunteered to remain behind — I don’t want any littles getting sick from me.

Celebrating Christmas

It’s calm and peaceful here right now. The pup is sighing as she snoozes next to the space heater, and I am sipping some peppermint tea to calm my throat. Christmas music, the soundtrack of the season, is playing softly in the background, and a spicy candle burns on the side table. I’m even thinking I’ll pull out a book (currently reading Pot Luck by Emile Zola) for a little solitary reading before Husband returns and we continue our own celebrations.

But it’s also a little lonely being here all by myself in the quiet on a day that should be filled with children’s laughter and good conversation and oh-so-many well wishes. It gives me a sliver of understanding for those who are without family and close friends during the holidays. I can see why it is so difficult, lonesome, and full of heartache for some. And for those, I take a moment today to pray. And I take a moment to be thankful, that I have never been without someone I love on such a holiday — be it family or friends. It is a blessing to spend these days with the ones we love.

And now, to cherish this moment of peace, I’m off to pick up that book. Merry Christmas to all!

Merry Christmas

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