Deep breaths

It’s time for deep breaths. Christmas is only eight days away. Moving day is 11 days away.

We signed the lease last night. We got the keys. We’re going to start moving things tomorrow. (A HUGE thank you to our landlord for letting us begin the process before the holidays!)

I keep telling myself to just be patient. Come January I’ll have time to read, and knit, and do all the wintry things I love to do. And sewing? I long to do a little sewing…

But I’m not sure it will happen. There will be the unpacking/settling period (although shorter, since most of our things will be in storage). And then there will be all the things that didn’t get done at the start of winter, like tax stuff, business stuff, etc. And then there are the time sensitive things like finishing Husband’s anniversary gift (I’m only three months late…), sorting and backing up all our photos before my computer crashes for good, etc.

So many things take precedence over enjoying a cup of tea and good book. It leaves me wondering why life has to be that way.

Christmas itself is often that way, isn’t it? Busy. So much to do. Shopping and wrapping and decorating and baking and parties to attend and on and on it goes.

I was recently bemoaning (again) our lack of Christmas this year. No tree. No lights. No real decorations to speak of. It’s all packed away. Along with most of our clothes, dishes, etc.

But someone at church gave me a big hug and said, “You know what? It makes for a simpler Christmas. One year, all I did was put up a tiny little tree and my family thought I was crazy, but it was so much less stressful than trying to do it all.”

It’s true.

Stress is pretty high right now, but it’s not Christmas stress. The few gifts we’re giving are already wrapped and ready to go. Even stocking stuffers, hidden away in closets, are prepared. Just a few cookies are baked (and already mostly eaten). The only decorations are a small train set, two stockings, and a nativity.



But even if we didn’t have those things, even if all we had was a Bible. Or even just Luke 2 (which I have mostly memorized, so maybe the Bible isn’t really necessary). It would still be a wonderful Christmas.

Just like Whos in Whoville showed, it isn’t the trappings that make Christmas special. In fact, they really aren’t necessary at all.

Christ is Christmas, and He is with us whether we have a tree or not.

Ginger helping wrap gifts

Ginger likes to “help” with the gift wrapping.

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