Hope found in apples

I look forward to the day when Husband and I are able to do a little homesteading of our own. But searching for an affordable place with a few acres in a good location is an exercise in patience. (And we have been searching, for over a year and a half…) I want a wood stove or fireplace in the worst way, especially as fall descends and hints at the winter to come. I want to be chopping and stacking firewood, loading and stacking bales of hay (lots of stacking going on in my dreams).

I want to be gleaning the last of our homegrown goods from the garden, but our recent move meant that we had to give up the garden. For now.

We don’t have chickens of our own for fresh eggs, and we no longer live next to someone who does. But a coworker can bring us fresh eggs. And that will do. For now.

It isn’t time for all of that yet. And I want to live in the time and place where we are right now.

So I’m thankful for the rental home we are in that has plenty of room for our dozens and dozens of potted plants and trees (awaiting a permanent home), and a fenced yard for the puppy to play, and a large garage where we can store all the things we will need someday.

And even though the night sounds we listen to are of sirens instead of crickets, we can start the life we dream of in some small ways.

I have some lovely wool on my knitting needles and I’m learning, little by little, how to make a sweater.

Windows are open and blankets and quilts abound in our home right now.

And when we went camping for our anniversary, Husband and I picked up several bushels of apples, Empires and Gold Rush, that we will make into delicious applesauce. We’ll can everything and enjoy it for weeks and months to come–through the cold winter and all the way until next fall (we hope).

It will be quite the chore, but one I will relish with the promise it holds for the future. Hope abounds in the fall.


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