Blogiversary 2

It’s hard to believe that this September marks two years of blogging. As I reflect on these two years, I realize that above all else, there are two things I love about blogging.

The first is the opportunity to write down and sort out all kinds of thoughts on all kinds of subjects. Without this blog, I’m not sure how I would have processed grief this year.

And, secondly, the ability to look back at where we have been, and see where we have come to. It’s so easy to forget about the blessings–I think there’s a reason God’s people built an Ebenezer to remember the Lord’s faithfulness. This blog is an ebenezer too, because as I scroll back through my thoughts and photographic evidence of our lives, I realize just how faithful He is.

At sunset

To keep my tradition, I want to name a few things I am thankful for today:

  • Life. I spend a lot of time working through loss in this space, but today I am thankful for life.
  • Home. It’s temporary, but it’s still home.
  • My puppy, sugar gliders, horse, and husband who together make a wonderful family.
  • The changing seasons. This year has been tough, the changing seasons reminds me that life goes on and so shall we.
  • Warm blankets. I miss them all summer.
  • Camping. I CANNOT WAIT for this weekend =).
  • Love. The greater the love, the greater the loss. But I would never do it differently.
  • Canoeing together

    Ginger in the snow.


    Husband and puppy walking in Smithfield.

    Husband and I on Christmas Day.

    Sunset in the Florida Keys

    A family photo at the park

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