A weekend project

It was a beautiful weekend here in Va Beach, bright and sunny but not yet hot–perfect for getting a few things done out-of-doors.

First up on my list was our picnic table. We purchased it at a steal two years ago and let it age a bit. Last summer I purchased the supplies I would need to stain it a beautiful red color, but, alas, it never happened. I moved around that can of stain until I got sick of seeing it and eventually it disappeared.

So this weekend I hunted it down (in the back corner of the garage) and set to work. To my surprise, it didn’t take nearly as long as I anticipated.

First, I sanded the surfaces to smooth out the wood and get rid of dirt and other junk that had collected there. Then I wiped it down to remove the dust and pollen and it was ready to go.

It took two coats of stain/protector pretty easily, I just followed the instructions on the can. The first coast took a little longer as it soaked up a lot of the stain, the second went on in a matter of minutes.

Right now, it’s curing and I can’t wait to get a final shot of how it turns out. For now…

Picnic table before

Picnic table after

P.S. A tip that worked really well for us last year–place a few flattened carboard boxes on the ground beneath your picnic table and then mulch over them. They do a great job of keeping the weeds from growing and they will naturally decompose into your soil!

And to top off the day, we also picked up a few hundred feet of fencing from a neighbor replacing their pasture fences. I think this will come in handy some day…

Truck load of fencing

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