Sometimes if seems Husband and I live in a sort of in-between world… I suppose it’s because we are essentially eclectic. We have a large library and love to read, but also a large DVD collection. I knit, but I also design websites. Husband loves surfing, and classical music. Our music a range from Ella Fitzgerald to She & Him. Our home is a mix of antiques and modern. Our life a combination of vintage and contemporary.

And the contradictions don’t end there.

Together, we are learning who we are. And we don’t want to be confined to a specific box, always defined in a certain way, always expected to make certain decisions. We want to be who we were made to be, with all the complications and contradictions that come with being human.

For Husband, part of that is although he often loves the “finer” things in life, he also loves to sink his hands into the soil and grow things. As a chef, he appreciates the effort that goes into tasty food and he’s willing to put in the time, sweat and tears to grow his own.

I’ve been known to get dirty myself, but I’m more of an animal person. I could spend hours in a barn–riding, cleaning stalls, bathing horses, fixing fences, and stacking hay. I’ve worked with everything from a zebra to our favorite mutt, and owned pets ranging from ducks to sugar gliders. I love it all.

But things are different now than they were just three years ago–we’re married. Which means that while we maintain our own identities and loves and passions, we’re also a team and we’re developing an identity of us. We are learning to be a part of one another. And that means he helps me clean stalls in a pinch, and I sink my hands in the soil for planting and harvesting.

Officially, Spring has arrived, although it seems Winter is intent on keeping a firm grip on our weather as long as possible this year. But one of these days we’ll wake up and it will be a beautiful 65*. So this past weekend we were planting potatoes and harvesting carrots. It’s not my passion, but it is Husband’s. (And I do love to eat those freshly grown foods that taste oh-so-good.)

Seed potatoes

So I spent the time on my hands and knees in our over-sized vegetable garden in the chilly end-of-winter weather. I dug holes in the rich earth and plopped seed potatoes in each, carefully covering them and hoping the weather will be just right this year to grow these little ones into the delicious roots we’ll eat down the road.

Planting potatoes.

Sunset in the garden.

Meanwhile, it was time to pull the carrots. We’ve been eating them fresh all winter, but we wanted to get the last of them out of the ground before Spring hits full force and they lose their flavor. We ended up with three tubs full, some really sizable, others perfectly tender and delicious, and still more bite-sized. Nothing will go to waste.

Tricolor carrots.

Small carrots.

The largest and smallest we cleaned and cut for our own use. We vacuum pack them and throw them in the freezer for oven roasting. The least desirable, we give to a friend for juicing. The best, sweetest ones we’ll sell to a local restaurant.

Even though this organic side of things isn’t my passion, I am so appreciative of the richness it adds to our life. I think that may be one of the sweetest things about marriage–the fusion of different passions, different personalities, different views into one exciting, abundant life. One we want to be courageous enough to live to its fullest each and every day. This week that meant working the soil. Next week it will be something else entirely.

And I couldn’t be more grateful.

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