Curator or Consumer?

Think of yourself as a curator, rather than a consumer.I saw a quote recently that got me thinking…am I living as a curator or consumer? And if I want to be a curator, what does that mean? What areas of my life would that touch?

The fact is, I DO want to be a curator. I want to be surrounded with intentionality, not just stuff. STUFF needs to go, so LIFE can be lived in our home.

What first comes to mind are my book and DVD collections… I’ve been working on these for the past year, regularly going through my shelves and purging anything I won’t read again, anything I wouldn’t recommend to others, and anything I don’t intend to share with our children whenever we have them. It was a good start.

I kept on at the DVDs, pulling anything that we rarely watched, didn’t thoroughly enjoy, or wouldn’t recommend to others. Again, it was a good start.

But is that enough to truly be considered curating?

Doesn’t curating take even more care and precision than that?

According to to curate means to “take charge of (a museum) or organize (an art exhibit)” or “to pull together, sift through, and select for presentation”. I like those definitions, and my start is a good one, but not enough.

If I’m truly to curate my books, shouldn’t I keep only the best? Only the most excellent? And shouldn’t my DVD collection be comprised of those movies I find most wonderful? Most inspiring? Most entertaining?

I think I have some work to do…

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