Adventure: Florida Part 5 (Final Days)

We’re leaving Florida with mixed feelings. We knew we would. I’m already missing A. and the void that she so easily fills in my life. And Husband is missing palm trees and sunshine. It’s hard to leave behind something that we had been anticipating and planning for for so long. Perhaps when we get home I should start working on our next road trip, just to keep hope alive.

Flora and fauna.

We woke up Thursday morning to drenching rain on our campsite. Instead of making breakfast, we waited for a lull in the rain and made a break for the truck and headed to Big Pine Key where we found a great local dive for breakfast. Eventually we headed back to camp and packed up our soggy tent and wet belongings and headed out for Miami.


Husband and I had a great dinner with L., we walked Lincoln Road and just talked for good four hours. L. brings a good perspective into our lives, and we love the opportunity to encourage her in hers. Husband particularly was loathe to leave South Beach. And when we finally tore ourselves away, we ran into a severe cold front with serious winds, causing some concern about the canoe and a few pit stops to adjust ropes and add extra straps. We pulled into Vero Beach late, had a little chat and headed to bed.

We slept in late Friday, much later than I’ve slept in a very long time. Then Husband and I spent Friday relaxing. We went out to breakfast, did some laundry, dried out our camping gear, visited the botanical gardens and did a little shopping.

Visiting botanical gardens in Vero Beach

Old trees and spanish moss in Florida.

Tropical flowers in Florida.

Florida botanical gardens.

We had a great dinner with A. and her husband, the boys cooked while we girls chatted about all things pregnancy and baby related. I love seeing A. so intent on the life of her unborn child.

And, of course, A. did my nails one more time, just for fun.

Swirly manicure.

Today we headed back to the farmers’ market to pick up another painting like the one we purchased before. Then we meandered back to the condo to pack up and relax. It was kind of surreal as A. and I sat there on the couch chatting and sipping hot chocolate. It was like we do this every day, and we used to. Back when we were single and both living in Ohio. And I miss it terribly.

Saying goodbye was hard, but hopefully I’ll get to come back after A. has the baby, and that thought comforts me.

Best Friends.

Best friends take 2.

Now we’re on our way to South Carolina. Halfway home. Another visit with another friend. Something to look forward to as we bid farewell to Florida.

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