Adventure: Florida Part 3 (Visits)

The next portion of our Florida trip involved a whirlwind of visits…friends and family.

The past few days have been good, long but good. Sunday we were able to accompany A. and her husband to church, to see where she works and get a better vision of what here life is like in Vero. While Husband and I packed the truck back up, they made brunch and we sat down to break bread once more before we had to leave. Goodbyes weren’t as hard, knowing that we would be back the following weekend. In fact, it felt really good to say “see you next weekend” as I gave her a hug.

Tropical flowers.

We drove across the center of the state, it is lush with orange groves and cattle ranches. Husband and I dreamed of what it would be like to own one…in another lifetime.

Husband loves palm trees.

Our visit with my grandmother was good, but hard. She is nearing 90 and still lives on her own, that tells me she is an independent woman, like her granddaughter. But it’s hard to watch her health deteriorate as she so fiercely holds on to that independence. Her husband of 13 years is jovial most of the time, but struggles with Alzheimer’s and gets confused and at times difficult. It is so unlike his gentle nature that it’s hard to watch. But amid it all, he still treats my grandmother like a queen.

Visiting Husband’s extended family had its own difficulties too…reminders of Michael especially, and reminders that life is just plain harsh sometimes…

Ft. DeSoto beach walk.

But part of today was spent reminiscing, at least for me. The childhood memories of Ft. DeSoto and Treasure Island made vivid; I loved showing husband these places that meant so much to me. Maybe someday we will return to camp at Ft. DeSoto so he can truly experience the area.


This evening we spent in the company of a friend and former coworker of Husband’s. She wined and dined us–serving filet mignon and white wine while entertaining us with good conversation. It was a small escape from the struggle that marked the recent portion of our trip. A reminder that not all is woe. And it let Husband finally, really relax.

More palm trees.

We can’t wait to hit the road tomorrow and head down to the Keys. Some canoeing and snorkeling, and a little us time.

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