Hope amid hurts

I read a beautiful post today, a reminder that I so desperately needed.

You see, most days are pretty good, normal. We go about the business of living. But some days are heavy. Hard. Full of hurt. And we’ve had a few of those recently. It’s hard to smile and pretend the simple tête-à-tête means anything when you have such a burden in your heart, such a heavy, heavy burden.

I have begun to wonder if we will ever truly heal from our loss. Not that I doubt the Lord’s work in us, but understanding that we continue to live in a broken world, it follows that we will continue to be broken people.

One thought in particular from the blog post I mentioned above struck me:

Every passing day that you wait in hope, whether you feel it or not, your faith is maturing.

And so I will continue to wait in hope. I will bolster my courage to go one more day in hope that the Lord can bring good out of tragedy. I will hope for one more day that He is working in us. And tomorrow, I will hope for one more day again. Because every day I wait in hope, I am growing.

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