Our taste of winter

On Saturday I shared a lovely photo of our home with a dusting of snow. It began snowing late Friday afternoon (making Husband’s drive home a solid 2 hours!). Around 6:00 we headed out in the white flakes and icy roads to take care of the horses. Chappy was shivering slightly as the snow melted on her thin coat, so we got her rubbed down and warmed up in the cozy barn with plenty of hay. Then made it home safely to make home-made pizza for dinner and sit down to a movie.

Saturday dawned in a moody, gray sort of way…perfect for a snowy day spent in the snugness of our home. But as soon as breakfast was finished, I dragged Husband out into the cold to enjoy the crunch of snow beneath our feet for perhaps the only time this year. Sigh. I miss snow.

Moody gray day.

Snow on evergreens.

Snow on herbs.

Our snowy home.

And, of course, Ginger loved the fluff too.

Ginger in the snow.

Running in the snow.

Going crazy in the snow.

Alas, by this morning the loveliness had mostly melted away, and by Wednesday we’re supposed to be in the 70*s…

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