Best of 2012

I was pondering this week what my favorite part of 2012 was, and to be honest it’s hard to choose. Hard because there were overwhelmingly difficult parts that try to drown out the good things. And hard because most of the good things were pretty small. But together, I think they add up to a beautiful year.

Husband and I in Colonial Williamsburg

There were small moments…camping, canoeing, walking the pup, graduating, celebrating two years of marriage. I’d have to say that meeting my newest little nephew was a delight. For the first time in my life, I’ve begun house-hunting for myself…it’s different than house-hunting for a friend or family-member, overwhelming and exciting all together. I learned other new things too, like the art of making jelly, and reflected on the wisdom of Christ when he spoke to Martha and a little Emily Post.

Perhaps the best part of 2012 was the relationships. I love my little family, and the friends that we have so intently developed in this new stage of life.

And I’m looking forward to 2013, when hopefully the good memories will outweigh the painful ones…

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