Open windows

I supposed this weekend was just what it should be–a mix of hard work, good friends, rest and time with Husband.

Naughty puppy.

Do you see the toy’s stuffing strewn throughout the whole dining room?

Amid spectacular plans and last-minute changes to said plans, I was able to spend hours talking with R.–all the way to 1 am. I honestly don’t remember the last time I stayed up to 1 am…probably the last time R. spent the night =).

And there were little moments of time that were purely enjoyable as I made my way through my weekend repertoire a little more slowly than usual. The house was not only cleaned, but also enjoyed. And that, it seems, is an elusive little concept–those moments of actually enjoying the cleaned home.

It helped, of course, that I was finally able to open the windows to let the breeze bring fresh air into the home. And puppy and I snuggled close as chilly night air filled the bedroom. There’s something about open windows that makes everything better. It’s one of my favorite parts of fall.

Puppy in bed.

I also discovered something for the very first time, and now I wish I had realized this years ago. You see, I keep a lovely scented candle in the bathroom that I try to remember to light when we have company. It smells delicious and feels luxurious to have it. (It also feels very grown-up, I think because it’s something my mother used to do.) But we haven’t had much company of late, and I have a new fall candle. And I desperately wanted to light it.

You know what I did? I lit it.

Yep. Just for me–no company, no special out-of-town guests. Not even Husband around to enjoy it. Just me.

Lovely candle.

I lit it while I showered at night, and as I got ready for the day in the morning. And I loved it. And now I feel utterly spoiled and self-indulgent. But it was beautiful and lovely and I’m so glad I finally realized that life is a special enough occasion to merit lighting candles.

Happily driving around the country with Husband.And my weekend only got better as Husband finally came home from more than a week away. We spent all of Sunday together… and, oh we had some grand plans for how we would spend the day! But in the end, it turned out perfectly enough without all of those plans. We just were.

Together. Relaxed.

We rented a sweet movie, ate Thai food, drove through the country looking at houses we can only dream of someday owning. We played with the puppy and walked through the garden. And it was a perfectly small, enjoyable day.

**I apologize for not having more photos, but really, I was more focused on enjoying the weekend than documenting it…**

I pray the peace and slowness of the weekend follows me through the week. I think I need it.

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